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North End Dog Park Appears in Rover’s “Dog’s Day Out” Series

Rover, an online marketplace for pet services, named the North End dog park one of the best in Boston in a recent article about dog walking routes in the city.

The series, “Dog’s Day Out,” features a 41-minute-long walk across Boston, starting at the Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) dog park on Prince Street. It makes another North End stop at Polkadog Bakery on Salem Street later in the stroll. The route was designed based off community comments regarding recommendations for the best dog-friendly activities in Boston.

RUFF North End Dog Park

Once a dilapidated concrete desert, the RUFF North End dog park is now an oasis in the middle of a small but dense neighborhood that has suffered from a lack of dog-friendly space for its four-legged residents. In response to neighborhood complaints about dogs in the North End, RUFF formed in 2012 to create solutions to help humans and dogs co-exist. The volunteer-run community organization opened the tiered dog park in December 2017 and held a grand opening celebration in April 2018.

In response to being featured in Rover’s article, Leslie Horn, president and co-founder of RUFF, revealed the organization’s surprise and thrill at being called the “premiere dog park in the city.” She continued to say, “The dog park is loved by so many, and we hope the spotlight continues to bring awareness to responsible dog ownership and the support for safe, off leash dog parks.”

The North End dog park, accessible through the DeFilippo playground and at the intersection of Snow Hill and Hull Street, is a completely gated two-level park featuring astro-turf, agility courses, and sprinklers for the dogs to enjoy. Among overseeing the park, RUFF hosts educational events to provide local residents with the tools needed to create better neighborhood relations between dog owners and non-dog owners in the North End.

Polkadog Bakery-North End

Polkadog Bakery, a locally sourced and rescue dog inspired bakery, opened it’s doors to the North End in 2016—marking it’s fifth branch opening from the popular South End spot. The location quickly grew in popularity among dog owners in the area who were drawn to the company’s limited ingredient dog treats and invaluable knowledge of the best dog foods on the market. Three years later, the store has become a staple in the North End with dogs often stubbornly refusing to continue their walk past the storefront until their owners take them inside for a quick treat.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the remaining days of summer by showing your dog the best Boston has to offer. Be sure to stop by Polkadog for a dog-friendly ice cream to cool off after playtime in the RUFF dog park!