Obituary: Quinn (Quinny) Horn

UntitledQuinn (Quinny) Horn – Of Unity Street, North End – Age 8 years 11 months passed Saturday, August 13th, 2016 after ravaging effects of mast cell tumors had become too much for his body to fight. He was surrounded by his adoring family and slipped away peacefully. He will live on forever through his human mother Emily Horn, his grandparents Creighton and Gail Horn of Reading, his loving auntie and uncle and his long extended North End family. In his final weeks he enjoyed the company of all his North End friends who came to visit and support him and spent his summer days sunning himself on his Grammy’s deck.

Quinn will always be remembered for his tenacious spirit and wide smile. There wasn’t a single pigeon that would dare stick around when he was coming down the street. He was a unique Boston terrier with his tall legs, brown and white fur, his unforgettable green eyes and a distinguishing space in his front teeth. He loved engaging and playing with all the neighborhood kids and enjoying the treasure of lost balls that made their way over his fence into his patio! He loved long walks along the waterfront and was an avid swimmer! Quinn was in his happy place when he was swimming in the Charles, in the harbor or at the beach with his family! His favorite of all time was wrestling, playing and cuddling his best friend Trot, they were dubbed the “bash brothers”. When his best friend died a year ago it was Quinn who was a pillar of strength and a beacon of love. We are so happy for Quinn to be with his best friend again – What a beautiful place to be with friends, Quinn is happy to be with his best friend…Trot.

He will be most remembered for his inquisitive looks, hysterical antics, uncontrollable kisses and his blanket snuggling obsession. Although Quinn’s journey with us ended far too early his life will be measured not in the loss but in great experience. Quinn gave the best parts of himself to us and reminded us of the most admirable quality to strive for – unconditional, selfless love. Heartbroken we bid farewell to sweet Quinn, who we will remember, honor and who will be loved forever. Enjoy the time in the sunshine, eating hot dogs with Trot Dog!

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  1. RUFF: What a great tribute to Quinn. Thank you for letting us know about his passing. Was wondering where he was.

  2. My condolences to Quinn’s family, I am sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to your great friend. May he rest in peace.
    I hope you find comfort in your memories.

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