Monthly Archives: February 2010

St. Leonard’s Music Director Wins Award

The Music Director at St. Leonard’s Church in the North End, Kevin Galie, has been awarded the prize “i migliori” from the Pirandello Lyceum...

NEMPAC Benefit Concert for Scholarships

NEMPAC, the North End Music & Performing Arts Center, held its annual benefit concert at the Old North Church to a large crowd on...

Pasta Beach Applies for 11:30 pm Patio at Rowes Wharf

Pasta Beach has applied for a new C.V. (food and non-alcoholic beverage) license at 30 Rowes Wharf, on Atlantic Avenue. As described below in...

Greenway Talks Food, Furniture & Programs at Community Meeting

I attended the Greenway Conservancy community meeting last Wednesday held at the Aquarium Cafe to discuss the 2010 plans for the parks. There were...

Fuel Spill at Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant

Boston Fire tweets about the fuel spill of 320 gallons of oil at the Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant. (read in reverse order). ...

North End “Open Forum” With Your State Senator and Representative

Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Representative Aaron Michlewitz are hosting an “Open Forum” from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center (30 N. Bennet...

Christopher Columbus Central Catholic High School 65th Year Commemoration

Christopher Columbus Central Catholic High School 65th Year Commemoration 1945-2010 This year “2010” will mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of Christopher Columbus  Central Catholic High...

Harbor Garage Redevelopment Takes a Breather, Pending New Information

Contrary to the rapid pace of review in 2009, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) currently has no meetings scheduled for the redevelopment of the...

Latest on “OxyMorons” Movie

Loaded Gun reports the latest status of the movie “OxyMorons” from the North End’s Damien DePaola (Ristorante Damiano), Director Robert Scali, Screenwriter John Hickey...

Greenway’s Botanica Falls Victim to Storm

The wind from last night’s storm severely damaged “Botanica,” the twirling metal sculpture on the Rose Kennedy Greenway across from Rowes Wharf.

North End/Waterfront Weekly Police Blotter

Notable incidents from this week’s North End/Waterfront Police Journal Log: Vandalism 02/20/10          7:00pm-11:00am Victim reports on Snowhill St. that the drivers side mirror was broken on a...

North End-Flavored Wheat Thins? Yes, Really.

Amanda tweets this link to the new North End Parmesan & Herb Wheat Thins and comments, “Wheat Thins names a cracker variety after Boston’s...