Greenway Talks Food, Furniture & Programs at Community Meeting

I attended the Greenway Conservancy community meeting last Wednesday held at the Aquarium Cafe to discuss the 2010 plans for the parks. There were some interesting slides that Executive Director Nancy Brennan promised (repeatedly) to be prompty posted on the Conservancy’s website. As of this writing on Saturday morning, they have not been posted (nor have the slides from most of the previous meetings). Instead of further delay, here are a few snapshots from the meeting.

Food Vending – The Conservancy will be adding food and beverage vending throughout the parks. In 2010, there will be a pilot program with mobile carts and short-term concessions. In 2011, the Conservancy will look to award 3-5 year contracts. RFPs will encourage local and healthy options.

As shown in the slide below, food and beverage vending at the Rings Fountain and Carousel is a priority. For the North End, food is possible (i.e., “pending input”) and very likely in 2011 as with all the parks.

Food & Drink Vending            Location                    2010                    2011      


Furniture – Following up on plans to add tables, chairs and umbrellas to the parks, the Conservancy has identified Rowes Wharf Plaza, Fort Point Channel (near Intercontinental, i.e., Greenway Gardens) and the Chinatown parks to be the priority for 2010. At the Rowes Wharf plaza, 13 tables will be added. It does not appear that additional shading will be added to the North End pergolas this year.


Programs – A list of programs was presented for 2010 as shown on the slide below. The Conservancy is expecting MassDOT approval of its Park Use and Event Guidelines in the next 30 days. Executive Director Nancy Brennan stated they would emphasize events that would not impede informal park enjoyment. The Conservancy has set a fee schedule with its event guidelines allowing private entities to rent out the parks. However, Ms. Brennan noted that they have turned down weddings, commercial photo shoots, advertising and a software promotional event.


Harbor Islands Pavilion Update – Construction is expected to start this April on Parcel 14 (near the Carousel) to construct a $5.7 million pavilion as the gateway to the Harbor Islands. During construction through December, much of this area will be fenced off for reconstruction although access to the North side by the Carousel and the walkways to Quincy Market will be maintained. Most of the information presented on the pavilion was previously discussed (see this previous post: Harbor Island Pavilion Approved).

Tom Powers of the Harbor Islands Alliance presents at the Aquarium Cafe.
Tom Powers of the Harbor Islands Alliance presents at the Aquarium Cafe.

Tom Powers of the Harbor Islands Alliance presents at the Aquarium Cafe.

Post-it notes were distributed for the second part of the meeting. The Conservancy staff asked the public to break into smaller groups to discuss individual issues, such as food vending, volunteering, programming or furniture. Ms. Brennan explained that this would replace a public Q&A session. Unfortunately, many folks (including myself) had to leave to attend a long-scheduled benefit for the North End Library.

The next Greenway Conservancy community meeting is scheduled for March 9th at 185 Kneeland St. at 6:00 pm. See the Community Calendar for all upcoming events.

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  1. Why do they need food vending on the Greenway when all people have to do is cross the St and they have a ton of options? What we do not need are hot dog , fried dough , or sausage carts with over priced bottled water cluttering up (and stinking up) and littering up the green way.

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