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Poll: What Do You Think of the Os Gemeos Mural on the Greenway?

Finishing touches were put on the Os Gemeos mural on Greenway this week. (Photo by Matt Conti)

The buzz around the Greenway is the new mural by Brazilian artists Os Gemeos, located on the vent tunnel building where the Occupy Boston camp was at Atlantic Ave. and Congress St. The giant cartoonish image is of a boy with a controversial shirt over his head sort of squeezed into the tunnel building. The temporary installation is sponsored by private contributors and the ICA. It is expected to be removed late next year.

If it was meant to get people talking about public art, then it’s working. The colorful, graffiti-esque image is certainly a departure from traditional Boston art displays. gets the artists take on the project. They say, “He’s a nice guy. It’s very positive.” Not all the reviews are so favorable though, with some even going as far as to say it’s offensive on a Fox 25 News Facebook page (via

Tell us what you think by voting in the poll below. As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


9 Replies to “Poll: What Do You Think of the Os Gemeos Mural on the Greenway?

  1. I don’t get the whole terrorist thing people are seeing, but it reminds me of a simpsons character which is kinda dumb. It’s colorful and something new though.

    1. I find it frightening. Not like any of the Simpsons’ characters I’ve ever seen. Chris

  2. It is controversial.
    Is it graffiti, cartoon art or a political statement?

    What do people tell THEIR children? What do children see?

    Looking up on the mural, standing on the grass, I heard children say “it is scary.”

    Those children recognized that the painted child in the mural, dressed in pajamas, with eyes with an almost sinister gaze is scary, or somehow not happy. They posed that perhaps the child is sleep deprived or hungry.

    Is that the message? “There are children who are “poor” in many ways”? The message is disconcerting.

    There are so few opportunities to address the public. Is it time for uplifting, constructive, and instructive messages to share with our children?

  3. I walk by it everyday – a kid in pj’s alla ninja style .What is wrong with that? By the way, it’s only temporary for those who are frightened by it! Wow!

  4. Why is is we cannot find a local artist to support?
    This is garish and creepy and kids are frightened.
    It is an incredible space and a great idea. Do something positive and fun!
    Who had the approval rights?


      This mural is part of a current ICA exhibit. All of it was done with approval from the building owner and will be around for about 18 months.. It is not at all garish and the kids are probably frightened by their parents’ reaction to the unfamiliar artwork. People need to get over their paranoia and get a grip. Try reading about these famous young Brazilian street artists and look at their work before you make irrational snap judgements..

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