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Thank You and Farewell

The time has come after twelve terrific years of community news to say goodbye to I have put off this sad day many times driven by the enthusiasm of our passionate readership, but the time has finally come to close up shop here at You can read more about the ‘why’ in my Read More…

North End / Waterfront Real Estate Sales For December 2020

Life on the Corner: Carlo (Charles) Ponzi in the North End

Police Blotter: Motor Vehicles Vandalized; Wallet Stolen

New Year’s Day Brief: Hello 2021, Ice Sculpture Stroll, New Red Line Train Makes its Way onto Tracks

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“On a Goodly Square”: Sacred Heart Italian Mission to Boston’s North End

By Jessica Dello Russo By the year 1870, a decade after Garibaldi’s conquest of the Two Sicilies and the year the young nation of Italy was at long last successful in the capture of Rome, several hundred families and individuals formally recognized by the United States as “Italian” could call Boston home. The city had Read More…

New Year’s Eve Ice Sculpture Stroll on Boston’s Waterfront

N. Washington St. Bridge Project Update: Old Bridge 100% Demolished; Vibratory Hammer Work Continues

Copp’s Hill Moment: Christmastide and Pandemic

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