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Pasta Beach Applies for 11:30 pm Patio at Rowes Wharf

Pasta Beach has applied for a new C.V. (food and non-alcoholic beverage) license at 30 Rowes Wharf, on Atlantic Avenue. As described below in the March 3rd hearing notice, it appears to be in the space formerly occupied by Rudi’s Cafe. What makes the license application a bit interesting is the request for a patio license for 70 patrons closing at 11:30 pm. Most outdoor seating in Boston closes at 11:00 pm.


I have not heard of any neighborhood meetings on this issue and I am not sure if Rowes Wharf is covered under the charter of the North End/Waterfront groups. If you are interested, you can contact and for more information.

There is a Pasta Beach in Newport, Rhode Island, although it is not certain whether this is the same company.

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  1. Rowes Wharf is not in the North End. The boundary is the middle of State St. (see the City’s zoning maps) Technically, Harbor Towers is not part of the North End either . Neither NEWRA or NEWNC has any say in what happens with this License application so there should not be a neighborhood meeting about this. People from the North End can, of course, go to the licensing board hearing and put in their two cents at the hearing if they so desire.

  2. Hmmm… I would politely disagree. Doesn’t the "W" in both NEWRA and NEWNC stand for "Waterfront," as in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods? Harbor Towers is most definitely part of the North End/WATERFRONT neighborhood.

    My understanding is that neither NEWRA or NEWNC is exclusively for the North End, but for the North End and Waterfront residents to work together. So why wouldn’t they get involved or have an opinion, just as they would if this establishment were opening on Salem St.?

  3. Hmmmm. As someone who served on NEWNC for 6 years, I can tell you that you can only vote for and be a member of NEWNC if you are a resident of the North End. Harbor Towers residents were grandfathered in but if you look at the zoning maps, it is clear where the boundary is for the North End Waterfront. People who live in the Strada are excluded because they are outside the boundaries. People who live in Rowes Wharf are excluded because that live outside the boundaries. As far as I know, you can only be a VOTING member of NEWRA if you are a RESIDENT of the North End , pay the annual membership dues, and attend a certain number of meetings. NEWRA and NEWNC meetings are open to the public. Somebody who lives in Back Bay, Marblehead, Andover, Hartford, CT or San Diego, CA can express their opinion, but that opinion doesn’t count "officially" unless he/she is a property owner in the NE/WF and/or owns a business.

    Mary E, you have been misinformed. The W includes the area from the Tennis Courts on Commercial St to the middle of State St with Harbor Towers being included by by groups based on past history when NEWNC was formed by the Mayor of Boston 25 or 30 years ago, but not be the zoning or licensing board. Either group can choose to get involved and voice an opinion but Pasta Beach has no obligation to appear before NEWRA or NEWNC. Although the Licensing Board may choose to hear an opinion, it has no obligation to consider the opinion of these two groups when deciding about something in Rowes Wharf.

  4. I’m confused. I am sensing a certain level of hostility, and I really don’t understand why. Why focus on the exclusivity of those two organizations, rather than an attitude of inclusion?

    If a resident of Rowes Wharf had much to offer either one of these organizations, in terms of volunteer time, ideas, leadership, monetary donations, etc. would they actually be turned away because they lived 20 yards or less outside what is deemed as the "boundary line?"

    If the HT residents are considered eligible constituents/members of either organization, (grandfathered or not) I would expect that the organizations would get involved, should there be a request from a HT resident who is a due paying, card carrying, membership in good standing NEWRA or NEWNC member. The same way I would expect either organization to get involved at the request of people living on Commercial St. having problems with Segway Tours. There is literally a fence dividing the proposed patio tables and the HT property. Not a lot of space. Just a fence.

    And why bring Back Bay, Marblehead, Andover, Hartford CT or San Diego into the mix… it lends a level of sarcasm and hostility to your post. Again, we are talking about an area that can literally be measured in INCHES away from the homes and property of people that are supposedly included in the NEWRA and NEWNC groups.

  5. I think there is some confusion so let me share my understanding. I believe Joyce is pointing out that when the City set up the various neighborhood councils, it used zoning maps and that limits the NEWNC’s formal advisory role on city licenses south of Christopher Columbus Park. NEWRA’s ZLC committee abides by this zoning as well.

    However, Mary is correct in that both groups include residents of Harbor Towers. NEWRA also extends membership to residents of 10 and 20 Rowes Wharf (the residences). Both groups have taken on issues of relevance to Harbor Towers, most recently regarding the Harbor Garage. Further, both groups have opined on Parcel 9 and Gov’t Center Garage as well, which is outside their formal licensing area because the impact would be felt throughout the community. Any citizen (or group of citizens) can petition their government on issues of impact to them.

  6. Thank you for the clarifications, Matt, and I’m sorry if my *own* posts might have been coming across hostile or sarcastic – which they never were intended to be. Your explanations were pretty clear, and I appreciate your thoughtful answer.

    Hopefully Pasta Beach will be a nice addition to the Greenway Neighborhood. There isn’t much to be spoken of from the Marriott south. Time will tell I guess…

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