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North End is the Heart of Boozeton Per Bostonography Liquor License Maps

Boozeton, Massachusetts by Bostonogaphy. Click image to view full-size and related maps at

If liquor is the lifeblood, then the North End would be the heart of Boston as graphically shown by the map-making geniuses at

Using liquor license data compiled by the Boston Business Journal, Bostonography’s Tim Wallace created a density heat map of Boston and surrounding areas, entitled Boozeton, Massachusetts.

The Boston liquor license density map does a decent job pointing out the more popular hot spots for bars and restaurants. It comes as no surprise that the North End and Harvard Square have portions with a higher density than in other parts of the city.

Taking the exercise to the next level, looks at the data another way:

While the heat maps essentially show access to establishments with liquor licenses, people per license maps show where supply is exceeding (local) demand.

There are approximately 90 alcohol licenses in the North End / Waterfront area with a population of roughly 10,000 people, or about one license for every 111 residents.  NEWRA’s ZLC Committee tracks a list of establishments (See North End Alcohol Licenses – By The Numbers) although there are usually several licenses in flux at any given time.

For all the maps of Boston and statewide, see the booze-enlightening article at