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Neighborhood Council Supports Alcohol License Transfer to Il Panino Express, 264 Hanover Street [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, voted 7-0 to support a wine, malt and liqueurs license transfer from the Gelateria, 272 Hanover St. to Il Panino Express at 264 Hanover Street on behalf of Frank DePasquale, owner of both establishments. In addition, the council supported a conversion of the operation of Il Panino Express from self-service (counter) to table service with a similar menu. Closing hours are expected to be 11:00 pm on weeknights and 12 midnight on weekends.

Attorney William Ferullo, representing Mr. DePasquale, told the council that the license was previously transferred to the Gelateria when it was thought that Il Panino Express would vacate 264 Hanover St. due to litigation with the prior property owner. Under the new property owner he would like to transfer it back, update the concept and potentially change the name.

View the meeting video for more details, discussion and council vote.