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NEMPAC Benefit Concert for Scholarships

NEMPAC, the North End Music & Performing Arts Center, held its annual benefit concert at the Old North Church to a large crowd on February 27, 2010. NEMPAC’s instructors volunteered their time and talent to perform music ranging from classical to rock in order to raise funds for scholarships.

NEMPAC John Romano said, “With cutbacks in school programs, most children have to rely on private lessons to learn an instrument. NEMPAC’s talented music instructors are donating their time to offer this concert to raise money for scholarships for those young children who cannot afford to take music lessons.  NEMPAC strives to offer music for everyone and this is your way to help us help those who cannot afford lessons.  Our goal is to raise $5,000.”

NEMPAC Instructor Sarah Glenn Performs on Violin (Click image for more photos)
NEMPAC Instructor Sarah Glenn Performs on Violin (Click image for more photos)

NEMPAC’s scholarships program makes it possible for many students to participate in lessons and classes. Without scholarship assistance, these students would not be able to experience the joy of learning a musical instrument, participating in a music class, or experiencing any of the other wonderful opportunities NEMPAC has to offer.

Executive Director, Becca Grifin, hosted the event and thanked all the contributors.“NEMPAC’s scholarship program is a very important part of who we are,” she said, “We have many students who are able to take lessons only because of our scholarship program.”

If you could not make the benefit concert and still want to contribute, you can send a check to: North End Music and Performing Arts Center, P.O. Box 130255, Boston, MA 02113. Contact NEMPAC at 617-227-2270 or email See their website at

Check out the photo gallery from the NEMPAC Benefit Concert.

The video clip on the left features Sarah Glenn, violin & Ben Xia, piano. The video clip on the right features Sarah Glenn, violin and Xiaolan Ruan, piano.

The videos below feature David Corcoran, vocals and Greg de Bourgknecht, guitar.


The video clip below features Hilary Noble, Tenor Saxophone & Gary Fieldman, Percussion.

The video clips below feature the “NEMPAC Rock Band” featuring Jeremy Sarzana, percussion; Mikaya Emma & Carrie Huisingh, electric guitars; Tim Griffin, keyboard.


More pictures in the photo gallery.