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North End/Waterfront Weekly Police Blotter

BPD - Boston Police Department Badge LogoNotable incidents from this week’s North End/Waterfront Police Journal Log:

02/20/10          7:00pm-11:00am
Victim reports on Snowhill St. that the drivers side mirror was broken on a 2000 Toyota Camry.

Robbery (Firearm)
02/22/10          1:10pm
Police Officers responded to the Clinton St. garage (Dock Square) for an armed (handgun) carjacking. The victims 2000 Acura MDX SUV was stolen at gunpoint by a male suspect who fled in the motor vehicle out of the garage. Suspect crashed at Commercial and No. Washington St. and was arrested after a foot chase by a detail officer. The handgun was recovered on the suspect. More information.

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2 Replies to “North End/Waterfront Weekly Police Blotter

  1. The broken side view mirror on Snow Hill St was probably caused by one the the large trucks that squeeze down the street with 2 wheels on the sidewalk. Happens far too often.

  2. It was actually caused by a bunch of boozed-up yahoos coming down the street just before 3 am – which also happens far too often. Not that the trucks aren’t a problem as well but at least they confine themselves to the daytime.

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