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North End-Flavored Wheat Thins? Yes, Really.

3829669-5917458-thumbnailAmanda tweets this link to the new North End Parmesan & Herb Wheat Thins and comments, “Wheat Thins names a cracker variety after Boston’s North End…kind of a big deal.” Well, sure … because once the neighborhood has a cracker named after it, then we’ve really made it!

Here is how they describe the flavor:

“Where do you start a search for legendary Parmesan and Herb flavor? Toasted Chips took a walk through Boston’s North End. The savory herbs and Parmesan – these are just a few of the sights and scents and tastes of Italian restaurants, groceries and bakeries that truly inspired us. We’ve celebrated this legendary flavor in our North End Parmesan & Herb Toasted Chips.”

So, has anyone tried them? Any good?