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Straight Pride Parade Meets Counter-Protestors in Downtown Boston [Photos]

A straight pride parade beginning at Copley Square and ending at City Hall Plaza took place on Saturday, August 31.

The parade was organized by a group called “Super Happy Fun America” who claim straight people are an oppressed majority. Participants waved American flags and marched alongside a Trump 2020 float.

Counter-protestors came out en masse to line the route and express their anger and frustration with the parade. When the group reached City Hall Plaza, approximately 200 marchers were outnumbered by approximately 600 protestors.

Boston police had a heavy presence across the city leading up to and following the parade. Tensions were running high, but in the end, no major conflicts were reported between the two groups. Some protestors conflicted with the police after the rally ended, according to BPD, resulting in thirty-six arrests.

Photos by Gerri Palladino.