Freedom Trail Reconstruction on Cross Street Moves Forward

Helping to answer questions regarding the reconstruction of the Freedom Trail on Cross Street, the Freedom Trail Foundation provides the following information.

Ø  The granite for the replacement of the Freedom Trail is on site and the crew is scheduled to begin the installation immediately.

Ø  The crosswalk is being replaced by asphalt along with replacement of the wheelchair ramps. Some of the crosswalks need to be done at night due to lane restrictions. That work is currently scheduled to begin after Labor Day.

Ø  The incomplete section of walk adjacent to the new cement concrete wheelchair ramp is the area where work is currently taking place and should be completed within a week.

Thanks to Susanne Taylor, Executive Director of the Freedom Trail Foundation for sharing the schedule and also thanks to Adam Castiglioni for the photos.

4 Replies to “Freedom Trail Reconstruction on Cross Street Moves Forward

  1. This is a mess, seriously this is the entrance to the North End I and everyone else who lives here have been looking at this for 2 years. Not quite sure why this is taking so long but all this equipment and containers should have been moved a long time ago. The amount of homeless people sleeping in the doorways should also be removed. Neither situation is good but the city needs to step up and clean this area.

  2. I feel like they deliberately start work, tear entire sections of sidewalk up and then leave to milk the job timeline or something. The crosswalk at New Chardon/Canal and another st Surface Rd. at Haymarket were torn up weeks ago and abandoned. What kind of planning is taking place and how much are we paying these people to do this work? Who from The City or State oversees this? There is no accountability whatsoever. Start a job, finish it and move on to the next one. Don’t start 12 projects and work on each for a day every 3-4 weeks. Sheesh!

  3. I was in the North End for dinner Friday eve-lots of people waiting to eat-it was very lively. What was a disappointment, though,was Cross Street,and the entrance to the North End….empty storefronts,and the ones that were there were not welcoming to visitors, not did they portray anything related to the Italian culture, except for Maria’s pastry,which is closing this month. It really was stark,and not welcoming.I imagine rents are very high there, but it really needs an overhaul and new life.Wish I had the means to do something, but not in this lifetime, unfortunately. It was kind of sad,for I remember such a different gateway when I lived there in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. ANd we passed a young woman shooting up in a doorway.Very unfortunate.

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