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Neighborhood Photo: Cross Street Construction

Adam Castiglioni shared the above photos of the construction at the Cross Street Plaza in the North End. Observing the ongoing work Adam asks, “When will the construction be done? When will the Freedom Trail be restored? Why are they taking out crosswalks?”

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5 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Cross Street Construction

  1. I sent in an inquiry to 311 about the project some months ago. No response. I guess the city doesn’t require a performance bond by contractors. Or, if so, the performance has no deadline. First rule I learned working on construction one summer was, “Hey, kid! Slow down. Don’t kill the job.”

    1. That was the standard line on any construction job. Plus a couple of silk suits and diamond pinkie ring wearing “Union reps”

    2. Same here. Worked on a road repair crew for the summer…foreman came up to me as I was throwing rocks into the back of a dump truck and told me I was working too fast…the job needed to last all summer.

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