Reader Poll: How Did the September 1st Apartment Flip Go This Year?

Congratulations everyone! Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or are a lifelong resident, you survived Boston move week in the North End. Tens of thousands of college students returned to the city and many residents packed up their belongings and moved to a new September 1st lease.

How did it go? Did your car get ticketed and towed? Did your box spring get stuck in a narrow staircase? Or maybe you were happy to find your life in the neighborhood undisturbed. Think about how your experience compared to previous years and vote in our poll! Add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

20 Replies to “Reader Poll: How Did the September 1st Apartment Flip Go This Year?

  1. I don’t understand and probably never will how this is allowed to happen every year in the Northend,there is no structure, never a plan how to deal with it,and this year was the worse EVER…

  2. Why does the article seem to be so excited for the moving in of disrespectful drunken college kids, who urinate off roof tops,doorways and in public. Hold large parties not caring one moment about the real residents. And don’t have the brain function knowing they moved into a good neighborhood.

  3. This was a nightmare: chaos, trash, illegally parked cars…just awful! I think that on these weekends the cars without the parking permits should be towed and not just ticketed. I don’t understand why we have to search for parking for hours when cars with out of state plates are taking limited parking that we have. Also city needs to do better job with trash pickup, sidewalks were blocked by trash that was just thrown out without trash bags or large items.

      1. Truth, you never disappoint. You still managed to inject the Feasts into a discussion that had to do with the chaos involving moving day.

  4. When I owned a real estate office in the North End my leases began August 1 or August 15th, avoiding the rush. So simple.

  5. I think since the City of Boston has been on a Construction Kick they should build
    apt. buildings strictly for students that will eliminate chaos in small neighborhoods like
    the No. End. The City can build & operate the buildings & of course, collect the
    rents. It is an investment for the city & will certainly eliminate chaos all the way

  6. Matthew, Never. City Hall Plaza has lots of room to build high risers, and if that
    isn’t enough, I am sure they will find some land where they can build without
    casusing chaos on our small streets. Doms in the No. End or any small street
    neighborhoods would be a Living Nitemare. OMG

    1. The problem is investors are purchasing properties to rent. And the neighborhood is suffering because of it. If condo associations will put a restriction on rentals and only allow owner occupied sales, then we won’t have many issues that we have now.

      1. Or if the Governor didn’t upend the AirBNB bill that would have done a ton to protect our neighborhood. Let’s vote in September!

  7. The sad part is that we all get stuck with the bill, yes the tax payer pays for the mayhem and the clean up. I just don’t get how the same kids that are pro everything green, the same kids that largely believe socialism is the answer and the same kids that are so sensitive they require safe spaces to shelter themselves from the caos of life and adulthood have such little regards for others and what doesn’t belong to them.

    1. Who is “we all” in this sentence? The renters pay the bill. If you’re net losing money on property you own in the North End you’re doing something wrong.

      The “socialist kids” are also vocal and active in civic groups including the neighborhood council.

      1. Please ridiculous inform yourself yes we all get stuck with the bill and please list the socialist kids that are civilly involved and why does that justify the way they treat our neighborhood. By the way real opinions should have a first and last names.

    2. Same kids are living off their parents, have an answer for everything, but have never paid for anything. The real definition of socialism, is let someone else pay for it.

  8. For September 1st, our team (Presidential Properties) personally handed out 207 sets of keys and assisted with an additional 72 apartments we leased! We were in the office August 30th through September 3rd working with both our customers and landlords, making every effort to ensure a smooth move-out and move-in turnover. Many of those keys were to North End apartments. Our Team physically toured/inspected each and every North End 9/1 turn over unit and took with us any trash items that may have been left by past tenants (even though they are told not to several times). None of the 9/1 units we leased, not one was to a student tenant. They were all leased to working professionals.

  9. Boston Public Works and the garbage truck guys did an amazing job with the continued work of the trash pickup.
    I don’t know how they do it all week long. Thank you for all your hard work. It showed!!!!

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