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Reader Poll: What Do You Think of the Parcel 2 Design Scheme?

After three community meetings, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), along with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Greenway Conservancy recently announced the preferred design scheme for Parcel 2, soon to be a new neighborhood park.

The scheme selected, “The Meadow” will include a perennial garden, offering options for seasonality. There will be seating in one area of the park with about six tables with chairs, and the rest will be left open with views of the Custom House Tower from the slightly elevated boardwalk. Officials also stated this design scheme is the most budget-friendly.

The Meadow was selected over two other design concepts. Notable differences not included in the final design scheme are large trees and space for temporary art installations.

What do you think? Are you happy or upset with the selected design scheme? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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10 Replies to “Reader Poll: What Do You Think of the Parcel 2 Design Scheme?

  1. Not sure the air quality is very good in that spot for sitting!! Tough intersection to access as well, people always run the lights. However certainly better than another tall piece of concrete.

  2. It would’ve been nice to see affordable housing built here instead. This site isn’t terribly accessible and I don’t imagine that the seating will be popular given the emissions and noise coming from the vehicles on N. Washington St.

  3. It’s a perfect location for a dog park/toilet and should be designed 100% with that in mind. Nobody wants to stroll or sit there and there is a shortage of places for dog owners from all the rental units in the area to take them.

    1. Yes, if it couldn’t be housing, then I would’ve supported a dog park. The sidewalks on Beverley are disgusting.

    2. Maybe people should think twice before getting a dog where there are limited places to walk it. I love dogs but would never subject my dog to living in a tiny apt with limited places for it to relieve itself.

      1. They move in, in a suburban state of mind. Dump all over the sidewalks and then leave.

  4. CCP has been turned into a unauthorized dog park where unresponsible owners allow their dogs to run amok unleashed. As usual their doesn’t appear to be any enforcement of the leash law.

    1. I always laugh when I see people sun bathing on the lawn. Have to wonder whether they blocked sinuses or something.

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