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September’s Annual Move In Weekend Brings Trash Mountains and Street Ballet

The annual move-in street trash piles started September 1st in their typical mountain style. The first trash pickup helped, but it took more cycles by Boston Public Works before things started looking up later in the day.

By the end of the day Friday, most of the North End streets looked to be in decent shape. As in past years, the trash pileup/cleanup cycle will likely continue for another few days. Regular trash and recycling pickup on Monday (Labor Day) will take place as scheduled in the North End.

Moving trucks dominate the landscape this time of year with many neophyte drivers struggling to maneuver through the tight North End streets. At the same time, existing residents tried to figure out the temporary street sign puzzles. A water line break on Snow Hill Street on Friday morning didn’t help with all the cars needing to be towed as water gushed down the street.

City officials and the North End’s own liaison, Maria Lanza, from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, encouraged heavy use of BOS:311 and ‘deputizing’ mobile users to help prioritize its cleanup efforts. On social media, Lanza posted:

“I know everyone likes to post pictures on Facebook of how hectic the neighborhood can get on move in days like today but please help the City of Boston help the neighborhood by using BOSTON 311 to report streets and areas that may need attention. Departments like Public Works, Inspectional Services, and Transportation have been in the neighborhood all day and will continue to be throughout the weekend.”

HOW TO USE 311 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

  • CALL – Dial 311 within Boston city limits. You can also call 617-635-4500.
  • USE THE WEBSITE – Available online at
  • USE THE APP – Download the app for iOS or Android.
  • TWEET – Tweet a request @BOS311 with  information, location and a photo.

Call 911 for public safety issues, police or fire.

Don’t miss our post for residents to help Navigate the September Flip with the city’s parking permit map and tips for new arrivals.

9 Replies to “September’s Annual Move In Weekend Brings Trash Mountains and Street Ballet

  1. Colleges have to start building more dorms or buying apt. buildings next doors to colleges & then maybe
    the No. End will not have to deal with this Madness every year. Most of these students, not All, have no
    regard whatsoever for No. End Residents, this is nothing new.

  2. Thank you Corrine. People only get away with what you Allow them to get away with & the City has not put
    any pressure on these college students who disrespect & don’t follow the rules. This is a very old story.
    I hope everyone thinks twice when we have to vote for our politicians. We need politicians who put our
    Neighborhoods “first”, not politicians who are told what to do by the higher ups.

  3. The city could prepare for this weekend by putting pick-up trucks on the roads. The large pieces of furniture would then be carted away. It is horrendous what the garbage trucks destroy…..good tables, bookcases, lamps. Those items are not garbage. Where would it go? Flea markets in area?? It is a sin to see household items, in good shape, on the street. It will take a concerted effort by the city to change its method of Labor Day furniture street warehouse.
    It is also a matter of safety for residents and tourists alike.

    1. There is a charge $$$ to dispose of materials. Who would pay? Years ago when I lived on Charles St. two men in a huge truck would roam the area on Sept 1. and pick up various items as early as 4am. I could hear one say, “Is this any good?” Perhaps now it is no longer worth it; however, the items are “free.” At another times I lived in apt. buildings where a basement room would house unused-unwanted furniture. Always someone picking up items; always some imaginative people with DIY projects. I do not see the City changing, no incentive, but the people need to change for the betterment of all of us.

  4. Heather, What a fabulous idea, sorting thru furniture, especially with Hurricane Harvey victims who have to
    start from scratch & could possibly use some of the good furniture that was thrown in the Trash. The City
    hasn’t been able to control ongoing Trash Offenders in the same buildings (Absentee Landlord buildings) and
    it would be a Miracle if they ever decide to sort thru Trash to save useful items people could use. The City
    has been neglecting No. End Residents for a longtime for Restaurants & Tourists. and unless the City really
    steips up to the plate, it will only get worse, unfortunate, but so true.

  5. Perhaps organizations like the Salvation army, Goodwill St Vincent De Paul should be invited to come down & cherry pick some of the items that could help the less fortunate.

  6. What else are they supposed to do? Often times they are on a strict lease with rules that force this behavior. The city does a decent job of cleaning it up quickly.

    3/4 of the entire city moves on this day, that’s the issue. Maybe if we didn’t have some many 9/1 leases it wouldn’t be like this.

  7. Anonymous, I know what you mean, but these people know they are not renewing the lease & should be
    getting rid of their trash little by little & they don’t. These college students were moving in at 1 A.M. in
    the morning with no regard for residents who have to get up for work at 5 a.m. Absentee
    Landlords & their properties are just Cash Cows, they have no regard for other residents, therefore their
    tenants take on the same attitude. The City cleans it up, but should enforce laws nobody moves in or out of
    anyone’s property after 8 p.m. I still think the best way to avoid this is for the Colleges to buy properties
    in the vicinity of the College & it would eliminate a lot of madness. I am sure the Absentee Landlords would
    be sick over this, that would mean less trips to the Bank.

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