Reader Poll: Are You Looking Forward to the North Square Reconstruction?

This Fall, the Boston Public Works Department will begin work on the renovation of North Square. The purpose of the project is largely restoration with improvements in access for people to enjoy the square.

The reconstruction aims to incorporate public feedback collected from several local meetings. The design will repair and retain the existing cobblestones – a crowd favorite – and will keep the chains while allowing for access openings. In addition to the aesthetics, residents made it clear that sidewalks and vehicle access were prominent issues to be addressed.

What are your thoughts on the North Square reconstruction? Vote in the poll and add your comments below.

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3 Replies to “Reader Poll: Are You Looking Forward to the North Square Reconstruction?

  1. North square is such a beautiful area and it gets so trashed repeatedly by some residents in the immediate area who think it is great to dispose of all of their bread and other forms of baked goods (cookies, cakes, etc). At first I thought this was from one of the restaurants, but no! Pretty sure pigeons and other birds, mainly pigeons who you are feeding, have been eating on their own for thousands of years. They do not need help from the people. It only creates a disgusting mess in such a beautiful place.

  2. I agree with Steve. Pigeons are dirty and don’t need to be fed.
    I hope the construction is finished faster than the Rachel Revere project. It seemed to take forever.

  3. Good luck! The powers that be thought a good time to start this project on Marshall St. in Haymarket would be the beginning of July, at the height of the tourist season. It is now September and still not completed. It devastated my business of 15 years. Not sure if I can recover from this.

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