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Poll: Will You Go to the Renovated Faneuil Hall Marketplace?

The broad “vision plan” for Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market by leaseholder Ashkenazy Acquisition was approved this week by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The BRA vote comes a week after a public meeting. [See the video post at “Bostonian vs. Tourist” Debated at Faneuil Hall Public Meeting.]

The proponent is adding amenities and a new vendor/food layout geared to get more Bostonians to visit the marketplace, in addition to the tourists. Tell us whether you would be more likely to go to a renovated Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market based on the upgrades.

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12 Replies to “Poll: Will You Go to the Renovated Faneuil Hall Marketplace?

  1. When Ben Thompson first envisioned the Quincy Market back in the 1970’s it was meant to be an urban market similar to the ones found all over Europe, a place where Bostonians from all over the city could shop, meet and socialize. Under the Rouse Company it quickly devolved into a tacky tourist trap, rents soared and the big chains swooped in. All local character was lost in a sea of cheap souvenirs and overpriced teenage themed clothes and accessories. Tragically, the same thing happened to Harvard Square.
    This new plan has to be an improvement and I wish the Ashkenszys luck.

      1. i too agree–it is shabby looking and could use brightening. but if it too modern it will not be unique to boston. we need local business and not the constant chain stores–rents are 10K per month and more. how many locals and afford that.

    1. I agree with Nick. Fanueuil Hall Marketplace is tacky corporate junk. Nothing at the market for local people. It is a MALL not a market place. There should be specialty food shops from all over New England, a grocery store, dentists, eye doctors, pediatricians, library, hardware store, lock smith, a public meeting venue etc. Not crate and barrel, disney, food “Chains” (blick). a.k.a. C@#p.
      Oh, and it should have at least 25 bars with food no night clubs. Yes, 25 bars from tiniest to topless with food.
      I don’t even like to walk through the area. I avoid it entirely.

  2. I like Faneuil Hall market then when I was young my parents used to take me there all the time. know ,I going to bring my daughters. It’s history all over again.

  3. I agree with Nick. In the 70’s it was marketplace for locals, , now it is for tourists. I hope they can bring back its glory days when it first opened.

  4. I wouldn’t mind the upgrades as the building is tired and the tenants haven’t had leases to make improvements. However, I don’t want to see the public spaces become private. I love having my coffee and conversation in the rotunda. The thinking may be to have food stalls become eateries so the rotunda can be leased. More money for the landlord but less space for the people to enjoy. The upper rotunda is a great meeting space to get away from the bustling market and the vision is showing it as a bar/restaurant and the bottom rotunda as a bar in the evening. If there are 22 million people there a year really, keep the whole building open til midnight.

  5. As a bystander at the meeting I was actually amused by the non-actions of the BRA. Most of them looked at their cell phones when presentations were conducted. Brian Golden never looked up once at any of the speakers and his position is as director of the BRA really? The article published in the globe was indeed timely. The only thing the BRA accomplishes is rubbing stamping every project that comes across its table. Marty Walsh says just do it and like sheep they follow. You read and hear about corrupt governments and political maneuvering all the time but to actually see it happen before your eyes is surreal. Interestingly enough Ashkenasky’s general Manager at Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a former BRA employee. Coincidentally, Ashkenasky hired Paul Barrett formerly with the BRA who is currently embroiled in a tax evasion mess with the IRS for non-payment of taxes to lead the charge in getting a yes vote from the current BRA board. All the cronies were together again at lastnight’s meeting. It was truly a love fest of handshakes and hugs. Ashkenasky received a wink and a nod from the BRA. The construction currently taking place at Quincy Market for Uniqlo, a Japanese retailer who basically in my opinion sells terrible cheap, cheap clothes has destroyed the historical integrity of the federal landmark. The construction team has ignored the Boston Landmarks Commission’s guidelines for what can not be constructed in the building. They have destroyed original walls and fixtures all in attempt to satisfy Uniqlo’s modernization. Clearly the entire market needs to be upgraded and most of Ashkenasky’s vision is wonderful however it should not come at the expense of Quincy Market’s original aesthetics or its current LOCAL tenants. Let’s see if Ashkenasky keeps its promise to keep 70% of the current local tenants. I guess only time will tell. Otherwise it will just become another mall with no free parking.

  6. So many of my memories – as a child, as a newlywed, as a parent, and as a retired individual – center around Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I can’t even begin to count the number of cups of coffee my husband and I enjoyed while sitting in the historic rotunda – much of the time watching our children eating their treats. While I am all in favor of renovation, when it comes to historic places the renovation must preserve the historic quality of the buildings. I would hope that the renovated Faneuil Hall will sparkle with a love of history and a respect for what this building represents. All too often, in our impersonal and fast moving culture, the individual is disregarded for the “almighty” dollar/income. The beauty and appeal of the Marketplace centers around the history and the vendors and the little shops that make the area engaging and memorable. I do not believe I will return to Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market if history and vendors are not made top priority. I can go to the Natick or Burlington Mall for those items!!

  7. Well i agree with Nick Too High End Just like all the little shops in N E i don’t understand how they stay in business plus to be fare these people are paying a heck of a lot for rent.

  8. I agree with SMarshall above: “I wouldn’t mind the upgrades as the building is tired and the tenants haven’t had leases to make improvements. However, I don’t want to see the public spaces become private. I love having my coffee and conversation in the rotunda…The upper rotunda is a great meeting space to get away from the bustling market…” Make some improvements but keep the charm that is Faneuil Hall!!

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