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Reader Poll: Should the Citgo Sign Become an Official City Landmark?

The Boston Landmarks Commission is holding a hearing to determine whether or not the iconic Citgo sign at Kenmore Square should be designated as an official city landmark.

Those in favor of making the sign a landmark emphasize that this will protect the Citgo sign from future development that may cause it to be blocked or moved. Those against this designation argue this would freeze Kenmore from any future changes, stunting growth for the neighborhood.

According to the Boston Globe, Related Beal, the development company that recently purchased the building where the sign sits, does not support making the sign a landmark, saying this would complicate the business relationship between Citgo and the landlords. They have, however, already reached an agreement with Citgo to continue the company’s lease.

What do you think? Should the Citgo sign become an official city landmark? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

10 Replies to “Reader Poll: Should the Citgo Sign Become an Official City Landmark?

  1. They need to leave it alone it represents Boston and the Red Sox,, what would a ball game be with out the city sign? That’s like the dinasour on ro 1 you can’t throw him in the trash,, many kids coming home knew they were almost home because of the dinasour,, they want to built near the city’s sign fine build around it,, so many beautiful neon signs have disappeared in Boston leave the Virgo sign alone,, let it stay,,

  2. The sight of the Citgo sign means I’m home after a long flight. It welcomes me, in a strange way.

    1. Heather no it isn’t strange, that’s like when the lanterns are lit at the old north church ,in my younger day,, coming home from the clubs I knew I was safe seeing those lanterns lit,

  3. It totally is a landmark. They should just make it a condition of any construction that the sign must be preserved and re-installed on top of whatever structure is built in place of the current host building. The sign should also maintain the same exact orientation as exists currently. I don’t think anyone would object to it being higher than it is now. As long as it is there and facing in the same direction – right?

  4. Maybe we should have not torn down the old Boston Garden. Another “landmark” Give me a break it’s a sign. Does it improve the quality of anyone’s life?

  5. Just a lit up bill board. My favorite was the Wonder Bra billboard that used to adorn the south bound 93 before the Big Dig ruined it. Remember “Hey Boston …..”.

  6. Great point MichaelD.

    The old garden was a landmark. The green line running above n station was a landmark. The Charlestown bridge which will be torn down and completely redesigned is a landmark.

    Things come and go. The sign has very little historic significance. Never liked it that much anyway

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