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Reader Poll: Do You Support a Ferris Wheel on Long Wharf?

Boston Freedom Wheel, LLC. is proposing a 200-foot “observation wheel” at the end of Long Wharf on the Boston Harbor watersheet. The plans would include two, 2-story cafe buildings and outdoor seating for 700 people, covering a total of 34,000 square feet and operating year-round.

Long Wharf (NEWF Photo)

The company has said they will look to partner with local attractions and contribute to climate resiliency efforts at Long Wharf.

Opponents, however, worry about tourist crowds and an amusement-park feel. A local resident group, North End Ten, argues this area should be considered public parkland.

What do you think? Should a ferris wheel be built at the end of Long Wharf? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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8 Replies to “Reader Poll: Do You Support a Ferris Wheel on Long Wharf?

  1. Even the naked timbers of old wharfs and steel skeletons of a railroad bridge reflect the vibrant past of ‘our’ North End’s story in a far richer and contemplative ways than any massive, light-draped, music-accompanied, out-of-place, Ferris wheel. For those tourists wanting to spin, they can ride on the backs of animals of their choice at the merry-go-’round next to Columbus Park.

  2. It doesn’t matter what people want,, they will put a Ferris well werever they want because of tourism,, the beautiful days of enjoying the waterfront and north end are slowly diminishing,, what residents 2nt they don’t care,, just like Hanover st ,,who can go for a nice walk any more,, it’s over crowded with people waiting to get in restraints,,the market has changed look how many original venders are left there,,the pool,, it used to be open all day and diving boards,, it was a right of passage going of the high diving board ,, but it’s considered dangerous,, the people of the north end have gotten scared in more ways than one,, stack ;pack more apartments. Air ban s ,, build a Ferris shell take the beautiful view of the Barbour away,,screw the people bring on the cash makers,, so sad what money has done to the north end and they ain’t done yet,,

  3. Gordon: Loved your comment. Beautifully descriptive ! Consider sending this to the committee who wants the wheel…..

  4. This is one of Boston’s most historic places, where the British invaded Boston, and where Evacuation Day took place. It would be like putting a Ferris wheel on top of Plymouth Rock. Terrible location, even though it’s a nice idea — like the London Eye.

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