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North Square Renovation Project Starts Fall 2017

The City of Boston hosted a Construction Update Meeting in the gym of the Nazzaro Center on June 15th. It was a rather low turnout so we are featuring each of the poster sessions in a series of updates here on NorthEndWaterfront.com with information from various city departments. View more construction posts.

North Square Renovation

A rendering of the North Square design after renovation (Boston Public Works)

Boston Public Works Department will begin work on the North Square renovations this Fall. The renovations will be completed in Fall 2018.

City planners cite “the revitalization of North Square is founded on the idea of developing an open space with multiple urban uses. The purpose of the project will improve the ability for people to enjoy the square. This will be done by developing its identity as a cultural destination and making the space accessible for all.”

After a series of meetings, the North Square design is essentially complete and request for construction bids are expected to go out this summer.

The designs will retain the existing cobblestones in the square after leveling the surface and reseting them. Restoring the cobblestones was very much favored by the public. Abutters were mindful, however, that snow removal, maintenance, and wheel chairs are all challenging with the cobblestone surface. Chains and bollards were configured into the new designs after many people spoke in favor of keeping the chains while allowing for access openings. In addition to the aesthetics, residents made it clear that sidewalks and vehicle access were prominent issues to be addressed.

A 3D rendering of North Square after its renovations. (Boston Public Works)

View more at the keepbostonmoving.org site. Specific questions on the project can be sent to Joseph Fleury, the Assistant Civil Engineer, at 617 635 4968.

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