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North End Chamber of Commerce Hears from Public Works and NEMPAC; Announces Move to Virtual Chamber [Video]

The North End Chamber of Commerce met on June 3rd for a members update and to host guest speakers from Public Works and NEMPAC. In addition, the NECC announced that it is moving to a virtual chamber using online and social media as a primary communication method instead of monthly physical meetings. A Spring breakfast and Fall meeting are still planned.

A video timeline of the June 3rd meeting s shown below, highlighting notable topics.

00:00 Welcome and introductions by Lisa Santarpio

01:30 Sponsorship solicitation to Wynn Hotel Group for St. Leonard Church Hall renovation

03:00 Treasurer’s Report – Lina Buttiri

04:30 Public Works Commissioner – Mike Dennehy

  • Residential Trash Collection Changes – Effective July 3, 2014 in the North End (More Information)
  • Freedom Trail renovations
  • Manual cleaners / Hoakeys
  • Hanover Street Tree Trimming and Light Removal
  • Litter Basket Changes – More Solar Compactor / Big Bellies

12:30 NEMPAC – Executive Director Sherri Snow (North End Music & Performing Arts Center)

  • Upcoming programs, including July Summer Concert Series
  • Full opera – Die Fledermaus – June 27th and 28th
  • Business sponsorship opportunities

15:00 Chamber Updates by Marjorie Magliocca, Secretary

  • NECC website revamp
  • Brochures with Old North Church
  • Taxi top program
  • Comcast commercial airing
  • Shop & Nibble event recap (photos)
  • Boston Shines cleanup support (photos)
  • April meeting with the Mayor recap (video)
  • Summer on the Waterfront – North End Week August 7-13, 2014

22:00 Organizational change for the North End Chamber of Commerce

  • Move to a virtual chamber via social media and online communication
  • Board member changes

The next public meeting for the North End Chamber of Commerce is expected in the Fall of 2014. The NECC can be contacted at