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Take the North End Library Survey

By Eva Badway, FONEL

The Friends of the North End Branch Library want to hear from our community. We are conducting a survey during the month of September to learn more about the needs of the patrons of the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library.   Our organization aims to create public support for expanding library programs.  We also want to increase community awareness and use of the library.   As we try to aid in public relations and to raise funds for equipment and furniture and library programs, we need ideas from the people who frequent our library and from our neighbors who would use the library if the library had services and programs they wanted.

So please everyone complete the survey linked below and tell us the type of programs you would like to see at the library.  In cooperation with our enthusiastic librarian, Jennifer Hawes, we have compiled some questions to help us understand who currently uses the library and what types of resources the library can provide for the community.  Below is a link to the survey.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to take the survey.

You can also obtain a copy of the paper survey at the library.

Thank you for assisting us in improving your library!

The Friends of the North End Library invite you to visit their website, and to participate in the many programs offered by the Friends and by the North End Branch Library. If you are not a member of the Friends, please see our website under “Memberships” for information on how to join or send an email to