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Thomajan Retiring After 58 Years at Zareh

Longtime neighborhood resident, Greg Thomajan and owner of Zareh in Boston, is retiring after 58 years. His men’s clothing store in Post Office Square was founded by his father and has been in operation since 1933. Greg reflected on his move in an interview with MR.

“Our business has never been better and my health is great. But at age 81, I can’t justify signing a five-year lease extension.” He adds, “When I started, there were stores like ours on every corner; now we’re the only ones left.”

Read the full interview at MR.

Best wishes to Greg and Andrea in their retirement!


One Reply to “Thomajan Retiring After 58 Years at Zareh

  1. Greg is one of the nicest and most interesting guys I have ever met. He is a world class Backgammon player and cleaned out many a State Street wise guy. After they lost their shirts to him, or his father who was an even better player, he was happy to sell them a new one along with a snazzy tie.
    A Boston original. Stay healthy, Greg.

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