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RUFF Update: North End Dog Park Expected to Open May 1st

Residents and neighborhood pet owners walked their way to the Nazzaro Center for an update on the pilot dog park set to move into the flights of the DeFilippo playground, or “The Gassy.” If all goes as planned, the formation of the dog park will take place over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the opening of the park on Friday evening, May 1st. The pilot park is expected to last about three months, with a permanent park being considered if the pilot program is successful.

The first step to the park opening on time is the installation of the gates, which RUFF anticipates to take place next week. The gates will be opened and locked by volunteers, who will be being administered by RUFF members. The lock and unlocking schedule will ensue based on the usage during the pilot program. Taking into account the feast season coming soon, special precautions and hours of operations will be adjusted accordingly.

Dog Park
The map for the pilot dog park set to open in May (Plan courtesy of RUFF).

A key day will be next Saturday, April 25th when RUFF will host a “community build” to get the park ready for use. On this day, volunteers will be mulching, painting, installing benches, doing additional cleaning, and setting up the dog park.

All of this work is being done in hopes of officially opening the pilot park on Friday, May 1st (Rain date the following Monday May 4th).

RUFF expressed that adequate signage will be key to people following the rules, regulations (pictured below) while participating in the park. RUFF hopes that neighborhood residents will take advantage of the opportunity while the pilot program is active. To help with enforcement of the park rules, there is the possibility of a security camera being installed, depending on donations.

Dog Park Sign margin9 (1)
The rules and regulations for the dog park opening soon in the North End. (Visual Courtesy of RUFF)

For more information on RUFF, visit their website and Facebook page.

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  1. I would like to ask the RUFF organization to please remind all dog owners that unleashing their pets on SnowHill St or Prince St. and allowing them to run free into the DeFillipo (Gassy) is not acceptable behavior. It can be frightening to have an unleashed dog running toward you. with no owner in sight. I hope this dog park will solve the problem of dog feces on the sidewalks bordering the park. Good luck with the dog park.

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