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Notable News: Draftking Millionaires, Greenway Tips, Seal Meets the Mayor, Lack of Supermarkets?

We cover as many local events and follow as many local news stories as we possibly can, but between all the businesses, public meetings, development projects, news and views, having a weekly post that is compiled from alternate sources covers all the corners!

DraftKings Fantasy TV Spot, Millionaire Maker

When North End natives and brothers, David and Rob Gomes won $1 million on Draft Kings last football season, it became the talk of the fantasy sports world. The brothers are sons of Carla Agrippino Gomes, North End native and local restauranteur of Antico Forno, Terramia and the Cobblestone Cafe. Watch the video below, courtesy of

Aquarium CEO Nigella Hillgarth introduces Mayor Walsh to Commander, photo courtesy of the New England Aquarium.
Aquarium CEO Nigella Hillgarth introduces Mayor Walsh to Commander, photo courtesy of the New England Aquarium.

Greenway Can Learn from Leventhal Park in Post Office Square

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway has provided residents of downtown Boston with parks and public spaces that make it unique from any other area of the city. In order for the Greenway to reach its full potential, Haril Pandya believes that we should take a note from Norman Leventhal, the man responsible for the transformation of Post Office Square. Read more at, BostInno.

Commander The Fur Seal Meets the Mayor

One of the claims to fame for the late Mayor Tom Menino was that he was able to meet an incredibly high amount of Boston residents. The current Mayor Martin J. Walsh is off to a good start himself, this time it was a fur seal at the aquarium who had the pleasure of meeting the Boston Mayor. Read the story at, The New England Aquarium.

Editorial: Ticket to more confusion

Parking space savers has been the talk of parking in the neighborhood over the weekend but now that the snow has gone, parking tickets are back on the forefront. Parking ticket rates are now differing within different areas of the city. With parking around Fenway Park being more than double than a parking violation near the TD Garden. Check out the article at, The Boston Herald.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe, at
Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe, at

Does Boston Need More Supermarkets?

It is one drawback that many say about living in downtown Boston. With limited options and space, grocery stores tend to be small and expensive. Of the 72 developments currently underway in the city, about 68 percent are residential buildings and there are currently only 24 chain supermarkets in Boston, read Read Estate.

Visitor’s Guide to the North End

This post profiles some of the best things the North End has to offer. With the feel of the neighborhood, this descriptive post goes into detail about the North End environment. Of course, the usual suspects come into play as well with historical sites like the Paul Revere statue and the Old North Church, to Mike’s Pastry and Bova’s Bakery. View the story at, Brittany From Boston.

Will the Seaport District ever have the soul of a real neighborhood?

With so much development and rapid growth in the Seaport District of Boston, some wonder if it will ever become a true Boston neighborhood. Then again, what exactly makes an area qualified to be a “neighborhood?” Compared to other neighborhoods like the North End, this area lacks residential history. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

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