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Thursday’s Things to Know: Christmas Luncheon, Legal Marijuana, All Saints Lights!

Things you Should Know for Thursday!

The Community Calendar has the following scheduled for today:

Thursday, December 15

12:00pm North End Christmas Luncheon at Filippo’s Ristorante, 283 Causeway Street. The annual North End Christmas Fund Luncheon to benefit North End Families and Elderly. Tickets are on sale at NEW Health and the Nazzaro Center, $20 donation. More information.

Friday, December 16

5:30pm Caroling at the Greenway Carousel.  Caroling at the Carousel! Swing by The Greenway Carousel at 5:30p and help ring in the holiday season with live music, all-ages play opportunities, Carousel rides, a special light & sound show, local treats, and more! More information.

6:30pm Boston Tea Party Re-enactment. The 243rd Anniversary Boston Tea Party Reenactment, gather at Old South Meeting House, where the colonists met in 1773, with colonial agitators like John Hancock, Paul Revere — and some crown-loving Loyalists — to debate the tea tax and demand liberty from the British crown!  Tickets Here.

Saturday, December 17

6:00pm St. Leonard Choral Christmas Concert at Sacred Heart. The St. Leonard Choral Society in collaboration with the North End Chamber Orchestra are pleased to announce that the annual Christmas Concert! We are very happy to have the Honors Choir from St. John’s School preparing to sing with us as well this year. Tickets here.

Pulse Check: All Saints Way is Looking Festive!

Articles for you to Digest: 

It’s official: Marijuana legal at midnight in Massachusetts

As of Thursday, December 15, 2016, marijuana becomes legal again in Massachusetts. For the first time since 1911, 1.8 million people voted for the legalization, regardless of the opposition of top politicians, the Catholic Church, doctors and business groups, and other civic leaders. The Boston Globe has more on the legalization of marijuana.

On five-year anniversary, investigators renew plea for help in solving Andover double murder

Many of you may remember the familiar couple that was found shot dead in their Andover home, with their car being set on fire in Boston’s North End after it was stolen. Investigators say that they believe the couple was targeted, The Boston Globe has the full story.

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9 Replies to “Thursday’s Things to Know: Christmas Luncheon, Legal Marijuana, All Saints Lights!

  1. I am a Medical Marijuana user and the worst thing they did is legilize this. I know my limitations on
    Marijuana & make it a point not to drive while under the influence of this. I also spoke to 2 people
    from Colorado & agreed with me that it has caused a lot of problems in Colorado since it has been
    legalized. The legalization of this drug is not for concern of the consumer, the government will
    tax it & bring in the revenue from this. The way we have problems with drunken drivers we will also
    have problems with Marijuana users who are in no condition to drive & will do it anyway.
    Do I love the affects of this drug, absolutely, but we will all see what problems will occur due to
    the legalization of this.

    1. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      I’m relieved to know that you and your two friends from Colorado know your limitations.


    2. A lot of Colorado’s problem is “Pot Tourism”. People who go there for one reason only, that is to get wasted. Among the local population, they are claiming not much has changed. Law enforcement in Colorado has always been lax to incompetent, I noticed drivers are a little erratic, but tourism leads to a lot of people not knowing where they are going. But let’s face it, Marijuana here is semi-legal. If you walk down the street you can smell it. I was a little surprised while in Denver, that you see less of it on the street than here. People were sneaking it into their hotel rooms and using it there. But if you were in a non-smoking section, the motel guard would come up. I couldn’t see the whole fabric of society has unwound. besides Colorado has had worse problems with people getting gunned down in theaters and schools. They are probably a bad test case for normalcy. We will probably have more problems with people from other states coming here just to get themselves high. The neighborhood will likely control pot use in establishments like it does with liquor licenses today.

  2. It is good news that you are helped by cannabis. The most recent news from Colorado states that legalizing it has its positive side. Crime rates have gone down; auto deaths have reduced; less absences in schools. The sale of marijuana has generated an income that allows schools to upgrade environment and classrooms. It has been legal in CO for a few years and has benefited the state. I do not understand how you can describe your benefiting from medical marijuana, yet are the voice of doom when it comes to everyone and everything else. As Elizabeth stated: hypocrisy at its finest.

  3. Elizabeth & Sarah, The 2 women I met were not my friends, I met them in a local restaurant.

    I know marijuana generates a lot of revenue, but the downside is sometimes the reward is not worth
    the risk. There is no hypocrisy involved on my part, I said what i believe & what I feel.

    Let’s just sit back girls & see if these women from Colorado stated the facts. Time will always tell.

    1. The recreational legalization is nothing more than a piece of paper changing the law. I use marijuana for medical reasons & have been well before being ‘certified’, (I quote that because the process to get certified is very loose…..why do you think that is?). The people decide in any democracy so why focus on the potential dangers & spew negativity? People will do what they want & always have so how about some accountability on the irresponsible individuals who use in such a manner? Also you’d likely be surprised if you looked deeper at the number of people using it ‘medically’ for serious illness & debilitating diseases, etc……versus blanket ‘symptoms’ almost everyone deals w/ like anxiety, insomnia, etc. What im saying is just because someone has medical certification doesn’t put them in any rare group and/or doesn’t make them any more knowledgable on the benefits vs. (*potential) downsides. If you’re a medical user who understands the benefits you should be a proponent for rec usage, especially since the tax on medical will decrease once rec is opened up. Those patients looking to have some kind of advantage or precedence over rec users should find that justifiable in itself. I don’t understand the negativity otherwise – people who drive impaired or make irresponsible decisions under the influence will & always have done that because of who they are, not what they’re using. It’s called being a responsible adult, and depending on our state laws to help w/ this just isn’t reality in 2016

  4. Boy oh boy…You are flat out stating that you should be allowed to use marijuana for whatever purpose yet others should be limited. Ignorant, hypocritical, and as always, holier than others. You are a textbook hypocrite.

    Legal marijuana isn’t going to result in more marijuana, just less criminalization.

    It is interesting that you get your facts from people you meet in restaurants. You should probably pick up a book or read a newspaper for factual information.

    Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretense, sham.

    1. Agree Elizabeth – it seems as if some medical users want to be in their own rare group – fantasy land & selfish hypocrisy.

  5. T Mobile, I read your comment on Marijuana & Colorado. Thank you so much for your feedback &
    what was really nice it was done without sarcasm & insults. God Bless You.

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