New LED Lights Going Up on Christopher Columbus Park Trellis

The beginning of new LED lighting on the trellis at Christopher Columbus Park. (Photo by Matt Conti)

North End Waterfront walkers and park lovers have been fascinated this week watching the initial installation of new LED lights on the trellis at Christopher Columbus Park. According to Intrastructure Chair, Ford Cavallari, at Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP), this is just the beginning!

The white pedestrian lighting is already installed on the lower part of the trellis. This replaces older bulb lighting that never really worked. The new pedestrian lights can be dimmed, according to Cavallari, making it look less glaring. The group will be testing and experimenting with what works over the season. This part of the lighting is primarily for general illumination and public safety.

Next up, will come the colored lights on the upper parts of the trellis. With this specially selected LED lighting, almost any color is possible (hint: think red, white and blue for 4th of July!). FOCCP plans to outfit the smaller segments of the trellis first to allow for testing of the controllers.

The wonderful wisteria has been trimmed back to allow for the installation and removal of the old lights. Don’t fret, it will grow back pretty quickly according to the horticulture experts.

The new trellis lighting has been years in the planning stages and the group is excited to bring it to fruition. The cost is being fully funded by FOCCP through donations, in cooperation with the Boston Parks Department. Keep up with the Friends at their website and Facebook page.

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