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Daily Trash Issue on Hanover Street in Front of Pinkberry

Now that the snow is gone, it has become more obvious when trash is left out when it shouldn’t be. One of the more consistent problems is on Hanover Street in front of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop. Neighbor Damien DiPaola has been following the problem and I’ve noticed it on a regular basis. Damien shares this photo from Tuesday, and gives this update on Wednesday late afternoon:

There is garbage there almost everyday of the week at all hours when it should not be there. Their barrels are still in front of their store overflowing with garbage.

He says the issue has been repeatedly reported to Citizens Connect and via calls to City Hall. While Pinkberry is far from the only North End trash problem, it could be one of the most consistent.

One Reply to “Daily Trash Issue on Hanover Street in Front of Pinkberry

  1. This is not anything new, this has been going on for years at this particular location & there are plenty more like this
    around the No. End. The problem is the City can’t possibly be handing out all these fines because it is always the same
    buildings that are in violation. The fines can’t be that costly or else we would not be having this continuous problem.

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