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Dog Rabies & Licensing Clinic on March 22nd


On March 22nd from 4:00 – 7:00 pm at the Nazarro Community Center (30 N. Bennet St.), the City of Boston will be holding a Rabies and Licensing Clinic.

Vaccine Cost: Rabies ($5 and $2 for seniors)

License Fee:
$6.00 Spayed Female/Neutered Male
$17.00 for intact Male or Female
$50.00 for Pitbull and Pitbull Mix

Each April 1st, dog owners must license their dogs using this form and return it to Animal Control.Starting June 1st, Animal Control will use a computerized list and begin a door-to-door survey. Fines are $25 for an unlicensed dog and $15 for each day the dog remains unlicensed.

Click here for the Annual Dog Licensing Form (pdf).

City of Boston Animal Control can be reached at 617-635-5348 or