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“Nick’s Famous Deli” License To Have Earlier Closing Hours

200907NicksFamousDeli_NickAlthough “Nick’s Famous Deli” filed a license application for a 2:00 am closing (with 4:00 am takeout window), sources indicate that owner Nick Varano will revise his application for an 11:00 pm closing hour (12:00 am on weekends). The plan may still include a takeout/delivery window closing at 2:00 am.

Boston’s Licensing Board will hear the common victualler (food/non-alcoholic beverage) application on Wednesday, January 27th at 10:00 am at City Hall (Room 809A). The application was rescinded last summer after a negative reaction from abutters and neighborhood groups. The deli has been operating under a temporary license.

Should the C.V. license proposal include the earlier hours, the neighborhood groups will likely not get involved because they usually only comment on alcohol licenses.

66 Cross Street is one of the spaces formerly occupied by Martignetti’s. Varano also owns Strega and Nico restaurants on Hanover Street. A new Strega has also been announced for Fan Pier at the Seaport.

Below is a copy of the current (unrevised) application filed with the City’s Licensing Board.


2 Replies to ““Nick’s Famous Deli” License To Have Earlier Closing Hours

  1. If Nick insists on a late night take out window closing at 2AM, I think the neighborhood should insist on a 11PM closing time seven nights a week. Enough is enough. Nick might benefit financially from staying open to feed the drunks up until 2 AM but the neighborhood will get more noise, more trash and more vomit on its streets. Come on Nick. You do the right thing by agreeing to the earlier closing hours and then you turn around and are STILL thinking about asking for a 2 AM take out window. THE NEIGHBORHOOD DOES NOT WANT THAT AND YOU KNOW IT. Keep pushing and you might not like the residents push back.

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