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The Weekender: Police Release Video, Dog Drama, Long Wharf News and the Dodecahedron Returns!

The Weekender is a weekly compilation of the most popular posts on NorthEndWaterfront.com for some weekend catch up.

Top Posts This Week:

Police Release Video of Suspect in Sexual Assault Case

A video captured from the area of Salem and Hull Streets shows a possible male suspect for the sexual assault that took place on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. The video was released by Boston Police in hopes of speaking to the individual for further information. View Post

Dogs Can’t Jump (in Playgrounds)

A North End mother was appalled at unleashed dogs on the courts at the Gassy.  View Post

Dogs ruling the Gassy? Read More
Dogs ruling the Gassy? Read More

More Unleashed Dogs in the Gassy

Continuing with the persistent dog drama, this photo was presented of two dogs running free at the Gassy (DeFilippo Playground). View Post

Dude Looks to Commit Larceny on Charter Street

A tweet from last weekend showed a photo of a man dressed in all black, with only his eyes showing, walking down Charter Street looking inside almost every parked car. View Post

State Says Doc’s Long Wharf Restaurant Falls Within Protected Park Boundary

The contentious Chapter 91 license proposed at Long Wharf has some news. The State has released a letter indicating that the proposed “Doc’s Restaurant falls within the Section 6(f)3 park boundary.” Pointing out that the end of Long Wharf is protected under the Land Water and Conservation Act. Read More

Editor’s Pick:

2014 Abstract Sculpture at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway (See more photos)
2014 Abstract Sculpture at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway (See more photos)

Split Dodecahedron Configured for 2014 at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway [Photos]

The featured Abstract Sculpture is back! The public art is a 16 foot high split dodecahedron at the Armenian Heritage Park. The sculpture was reinstalled last weekend, marking the third annual configuration since the park was dedicated in May 2012. Members of the Armenian Heritage Foundation non-profit were also on hand at this year’s reconfiguration. View Post, complete with a bunch of great photos from Matt Conti.

Have a great weekend!