State Says Doc’s Long Wharf Restaurant Falls Within Protected Park Boundary

In a status update this week regarding the disputed Chapter 91 license at Long Wharf, the State has released a letter indicating that the proposed “Doc’s Restaurant falls within the Section 6(f)3 park boundary.” The letter implies the entire end of Long Wharf falls under the Land Water and Conservation Act which protects public investments against conversion to uses other than public outdoor recreation.

The DEP has been ordered by the State Superior Court to consider a 1980 National Park Service map (shown below) in its pending determination whether the Boston Redevelopment Authority should be granted a Chapter 91 license that would be used to develop the area for “Doc’s Long Wharf,” an enclosed 4,655 square-foot waterfront restaurant with outdoor cafe tables.

The letter favors the case long argued by the “North End Ten” resident group in their efforts against the Boston Redevelopment Authority to “Save Long Wharf” by showing that it is legally protected as a public park and open space.

The next status conference at DEP takes place on Monday, March 31st at 10:30 a.m.

NPS 6(f) boundary map for LWCF project #25-00295 Long Wharf

Follow the history of the six year case here on through the tag, Doc’s Long Wharf.

2 Replies to “State Says Doc’s Long Wharf Restaurant Falls Within Protected Park Boundary

  1. It is a special place with a serene view of a busy harbor, enjoyed by all sorts of people. One of the more historic spots in Boston; it hosted Revolutionary and commercial activities, and for that reason alone should be preserved for unrestricted public use.

    Congratulation to the “Ten” on their efforts to date. I wish there was a way to offer what little help I can, but there does not seem to be a way to contact or be contacted.

    1. Its historic because it “hosted Revolutionary and commercial act”????? Umm so did half of Boston! Such a waste of space. Boo to the “Ten”

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