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Affordable Supermarket Requirement Modified for One Canal Project [Video]

A new “Cooperation Agreement” between the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and developer Trinity Financial has modified the requirement for an affordable supermarket at the One Canal project along N. Washington Street bordering the West End and North End neighborhoods. One Canal is a $175 million, 12-story, 320-unit rental housing development expected to open in mid-2015.

A previous absolute requirement to have a supermarket has been changed to an economic incentive agreement whereby the developer will build out the retail area including 21,300 square feet and diligently market the space to supermarket operators.

The commitment to pursue an affordable supermarket is released, however, under the following conditions:

  • a supermarket of at least 20,000 square feet signs a binding agreement to open at another location within the North Station area, North End or West End, or
  • 18 months after the issuance of a temporary Certificate of Occupancy, the developer is allowed to lease the space to other retail users.

Recently, TD Garden owner Delaware North and Boston Properties have announced they are looking to move forward with a double-tower mixed use development, including a Stop & Shop and perhaps a multi-level Target in front of TD Garden.

These issues are discussed in further detail in the above video from this week’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association by members of the North End / West End / Beacon Hill Supermarket Committee, David Kubiak and Victor Brogna.

For more than a decade, the North End / West End / Beacon Hill Supermarket Committee has been advocating to have an affordable full-service, walkable supermarket alternative to Whole Foods.

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