Dogs Can’t Jump (in Playgrounds)

While shooting hoops with her kids on the basketball court at the Gassy, Melanie was “discouraged and disgusted” when a man took his dogs off leash on the courts that are marked “no dogs allowed.” After refusing to put the dogs back on leash, he said that his dogs needed to run. This North End Mom not only was upset about how this man took over the courts with his dogs, but also shared this photo to show the need for a dog park in the neighborhood.

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  1. I saw this happen. The dogs were A) on the soccer/hockey court, not the basketball court, and B) VERY well trained and behaved. I couldn’t tell what the woman’s issue with them was as they weren’t bugging anyone.

      1. Sure enough there’s a sign, and I think it’s great that we’re trying to keep the park as clean as possible and it’s definitely appropriate to keep the courts reserved for bball, hockey, and soccer. But is it really the end of the world if the dogs aren’t relieving themselves or bugging anyone? Is it even newsworthy enough to be posted online?

        1. You can’t control when a dog relieves itself! Even when it is picked up, traces remain and it makes people SICK. I can’t believe you are defending this guy.

        2. No its not the end of the world but you can make the “its not the end of the world defense/ argument “about someone who ignores the trash policy, or resident parking only or handicap parking only or throwing rat poison out onto the street.I don’t care if this guy has lived here for 30 minutes or thirty years the rules are the rules & he should respect them.

            1. Everyone listen, First off the women who took this picture told me can I take a picture of your beautiful dogs, so she did and here we are I’m beside my self do you really think if she asked me to put my dogs on a leash I would pose with my thumbs up!? Also now that I think about it her children where not playing in the court they where on the swings unattended while she was playing miss photographer.
              I totally agree with “prncestreet” . The north End has a rodent problem, A guy running around the the place exposing himself, and on a Saturday early morning walk through the North End with my Dog on the leash I saw with my own Eyes and Im never going to name the restaurant, There was a bag of bread dropped off at the back door of this Restaurant and there we’re Rats crawling all over it. so why don’t you complaint about that instead of two well trained dogs not bothering any one playing in a court yard! plus may I add the two court yards hockey and basket ball where empty and the hockey court was closed in by fence.

            2. @Owner, you make some valid points about other issues our neighborhood faces and those need to be addressed as well. However, you lose all credibility when you break the law, which is exactly what you were doing letting your dogs off leash. Sorry, but that’s the reality. The leash law is on the books for a reason. Safety for everyone. If you and other dog owners don’t want a leash law then petition to change it, but breaking the law is shameful. I know several “well trained” dogs that have bitten people and the owners were “shocked” that their “baby” would ever bite someone. Dogs are animals. Wonderful man’s best friend’s animals, but animals all the same. I truly hope RUFF can bring a dog park to this neighborhood, but until then stop breaking the law. Thanks!

            3. There’s a dog park on Richmond St and Columbus Park is pretty much a dog park now too. Seems like there are plenty of places to take dogs other than to a play ground.

    1. maybe the woman’s issue was that a) the dogs are not supposed to be there as a sign clearly states, and b) maybe she was afraid that the dogs would charge her children. as you can see the dogs are good size dogs. also the owner does not care. how do you solve this problem? i see many owners unleash their dogs as soon as they walk into the playground. total disrespect for this woman and the rules.

      1. I totally agree with MC this guy in the photo is definetley disrespectful on all accounts and is enjoying himself getting all this negative attention How sick is that! Is he and other dog owners going to win or just wait until someone’s child gets jumped on I have taken care of 3 dogs and an elderly Mother at once and wouldn’t dream of taking them in anywhere where children play So who does anyone call about the ongoing issue?

      2. Why don’t we complaint about the big Drinking Rave that went on on Saint Paddy’s Day at the Gassy I counted over 50 beer cans and bottles,and broken glass and maybe talk to the Dog father and see how many dogs they walk at the gassy and not pickup after them. I for one would never be guilty of that!!

    2. Dog caca (yep, I’m bringing back that expression) where children and others play is NOT ok. It makes people sick. What don’t you get about that? Seems that you are part of the problem. City living only works if we all have consideration for each other and shared public spaces. What do you think the NO DOG sign means?

  2. It’s great that irresponsible dog owners consistently and with impunity, violate the law:

    Leash Laws

    An essential rule to be followed by all responsible dog owners:

    When your dog is off your property, it must be on a leash. The purpose of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140, Section 173 and City Ordinance 16-1.9 is intended to protect people from free roaming dogs.

    Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140, Section 173 »
    City Ordinance Section 16-1.9 »

    When not confined to your property either inside the house or in secured fenced yard, your dog must be under control. A responsible dog owner does not allow their pet to be a menace to their neighbors, chasing cars and children, getting into trash, not to mention soiling their neighbor’s yards.

    While enjoying our city’s parks with our pets the same rules apply. We must respect the rights of those with whom we share the city’s parks in order to ensure a clean and safe environment.

  3. I have to assume the people thumbs downing the posts are people who routinely allow their dog to roam and crap wherever they please.

  4. I am so disappointed that anyone is defending this guy. Many others behave in the same way that he did and it is important that the community sends a clear and unequivocal message that it’s not okay.

  5. Dogs need to run just as much as children need to play. Yes, the man should not be in a place that is specifically marked “no dogs,” but maybe we need to look into having more dog friendly spots for our four legged friends. This might help solve the numerous rants I see on this page about dog owners (btw, we are not all horrible people and most of us obey the rules and pick up after our pups). I never anticipated that I would end up living in Boston when I adopted my dogs, but life happens. Boston isn’t the most pet friendly city I’ve lived in and there is a real need for more dog parks and pet friendly places. I’m not defending this guy’s disregard for the rules but maybe this is speaking to another problem that deserves some attention.

  6. AL. Read the article re: RUFF. They are proposing a dog park on Parcel 12. They are very active towards finding a solution to the ‘city dog’ problems.

  7. Just like I was saying last week. Let’s make the Gassy Flights into an enclosed area for the dogs. Last Sunday it was a place for 50 kids to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with open drinking and noise. What was left behind on Monday? All the empties. This is such a common sense place for the dogs to stretch their legs and right now it’s nothing but an eyesore and place for illegal activity.

  8. @PJ- Great idea.
    Gassy Flights gets my vote. And, knowing RUFF’s good works, I am positive the Flights will be cleaner and more esthetically pleasing than they are now.

  9. The Gassy flights would make a wonderful closed area for dogs. There is even room for 2 dog runs (the smaller flight could be used for small dogs ) it is easy, quick and much cheaper to do than parcel 12.

  10. I recently spent a couple of weeks in Florida [which is very a pet friendly state] they have what they call “paw playgrounds” they even have a dog beach at Fort Desoto Park.The paw playgrounds are in a enclosed fenced in area with one side for small dogs & one side for larger dogs, signs warn that aggressive dogs are not allowed.There are two gates at the entrance so a dog cant get loose when someone enters or exits There are dispensers that provide “mutt mitts” for the waste & of course several trash barrels.There is alo a cooling off area with a hose & water bowls fastend to the ground. Most of the funding comes from donations & contributions from residents & visitors alike.the dogs love being free to run & off their leash as the owners socialize with each other.I do not see why a park like this cant be built in the NE.

    1. Isn’t Florida and open carry state too. I think there he might be facing a well-armed neighbor watch instead of someone with a camera. People I know living there say they don’t expose their fingers, rather keep them in their pockets.

  11. I am not an animal owner, but I love dogs, but I don’t want to pick up the crap.

    I don’t know how many dog owners know about this dog park, but I was extremely impressed.

    The weather will be getting warmer and when you leave the North End and go over the bridge
    to Charlestown, they have a Dog Park that must be like Dog Heaven. The owners take
    the dogs off there leash, the dogs are running around having a ball, and to my amazement,
    there wasn’t any dog fights. This park is located on the Left side at the end of the bridge.
    IT’S FABULOUS to see all these Dogs running around & getting along with each other.

    1. NE Landlord, you are referring to the Paul Revere Park that’s just over the bridge in Ctown. Although it is used as an Unofficial dog run by locals, it is NOT a dog park. Those owners are breaking the leash law requirements, just like anyone else who lets their dogs off-leash on the ballfields, playgrounds and Columbus Park. This latest incident at the Gassy only serves to further demonstrate the importance of getting a designated dog park for the North End, a fenced in area where dogs can legally exercise off-leash, and where responsible dog owners can make sure the area is properly maintained and kept clean! Parcel 12, the Gassy steps, the grassy area behind the skating rink, these are all viable locations that are currently unused and neglected by everyone except teens looking for places to party.

      1. All you ninnies who keep saying “but they’re breaking the law” must have never driven over the speed limit once in your lives. Guess what, not every law is common sense, and some are just asking to be broken. We need LESS laws telling us how to live our lives. Remember, the police and government are not your friends. They see you as just another “profit center” and just want more and more out of you.




  13. These people talk about dogs like it’s their kids.. They’re ANIMALS NOT PEOPLE… How do you know this woman’s kids didn’t want to play in the park?? There’s the place for dogs on Richmond street there’s no need to change anything about the gassy.. Big deal people drank a couple of beers in the park.. People get paid to clean it

    1. We’re you one of them?! Is that why you’re defending polluters and disorderly drunkeness?! Seems like everyone has a problem w/the dogs how about people?! They started this whole argument

    2. Mike, have you been to the Gassy lately? Take a walk down the stairs from the top of Snow Hill. Those landings leading down to the courts and playgrounds are horrendous! Not just the previously mentioned beer cans and broken bottles, but there is about a year’s worth of dog crap everywhere! It’s painfully obvious that nobody is “getting paid” to clean the steps.
      Richmond Street is another “unofficial” dog run that is owned by the DOT, who turn a blind eye towards the dog owners that let their pets off leash. Technically, they are also breaking the law, bit nobody complains because the area is fenced in and kept clean by the owners who use the space. It’s better than nothing, but woefully inadequate for the large and growing dog population here in the North End.

    3. Hi mike if you had a restaurant in the north end would I be aloud to enter and sit down and eat with my dog under the table?

      1. Owner…a while back you said you were done. So why do you keep posting? Stop being a jerk. you know as well as anyone that dogs are not allowed in restaurants unless they are service dogs.

        1. What dog you think MIa is she is a certified service dog I am deaf she alerts me she wears a vest when she is working. So there know the facts before you speak and I can talk her all I want.

          1. You know what everyone here needs to get is a life go pick on the real law breakers! I’m sure the northend has plenty of them then again I wouldn’t know I don’t live here just visiting.

            1. just visiting, so you go into a playground and onto a court that says no dogs allowed and you unleash your dogs w/ children around. if you have so many complaints about the NORTH END don’t come back.

  14. Heard it through the grapevine ,if your dog gets attacked & bitten its because some jerk took an agressive dog to socialze with other dogs.Lets face it no matter what suggestion a person offers someone is going to shoot it down & no matter what if any plan is implemented some people are going to do whatever they want.The NE does NOT have a dog problem what is has is a problem with some dog owners who wont accept responsibility for anything & blame others.

    1. Agree just like those “animal” guys that creep up behind a woman walking into their apt. Sorry, but I WANT my dog to bark at a person he feels is threatening towards me. If everything is ok I can give my dog a leash correction and/or a release command and my dog stops barking and we are on way.

  15. As I said yesterday no-one takes responsibility for anything we have a photo of a guy which is the equivalent of someone casting a line into the water while standing in front of a no fishing sign who is using the entrapment defense. We have MIke who is either very young .very dumb or both justifying & defending the public drinking & littering claiming that it was just a couple of cans of beer because”someone is paid to clean it up” I’m waiting for the junkie to chime in withe the “Why cant I shoot up in public ? I.m not bothering anyone”

  16. Thank you to the Mother that was brave enough to take this picture and share it with the dog community and RUFF. This is an irresponsible dog owner who is breaking the law and blatantly not caring or respecting his neighbors or the North End. RUFF 100% does not support this kind of dog ownership and owners like this hurt our cause for positive, peaceful coexisting in the neighborhood we love. We are circulating this picture through our membership to see if we can identify this owner and/or his dogs.

    We thank everyone for posting support for RUFF and our efforts to bring a dog park to the North End. The Richmond Street dog run is not an official park although we are lucky to have that space. Christopher Columbus park is NOT a dog park and at no time should dogs be allowed to run free/off leash in this location. The same is said for any inclosed children’s parks. At no time should a dog be taken into a children’s playground, leashed or unleashed. This leaves almost no safe, legal location to bring our dogs…join our cause in making Parcel 12 into a beautiful, safe, legal dog park. This will help enhance our neighborhood and help the city manage enforcement.

    Pictures like this are disappointing but holding our neighbors accountable is the only way to make strides. We hope that with the better weather coming we can get our message out and make forward progress.

    1. RUFF, THANK YOU for all you do to continue advocating and working towards peaceful coexistence. I hope a safe, fun dog park is created soon. Dogs deserve it. You are doing great work. Thank you.

    2. RUFF- I, too, really appreciate your work to solve the irresponsible dog owner problem in the north end. I am curious about how you feel about making the Gassy flights a dog park? I know you are focused on Parcel 12- a much more complicated situation that will take time. In the meantime, the Gassy could be a quick fix for the real problem that the north end does not have a legal place for dogs to run off leash. It seems to me that the Gassy solution would address many issues in the neighborhood at the same time.

  17. Dear Ruff, here I am if you are looking to talk to me I’m willing to meet with you. You stated in a post to keep on the look out for this guy meaning me I’m not running away I want to talk to you I want to understand what RUFF means?

    1. Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF)
      This terrific group cleans parks, tries to get North End dog owners to be responsible good neighbors by doing things like, clean up after your dog, stay out of the tot lots, keep your dog on the leash, advocates for a dog park on the Greenway etc.
      a concept you do not seem to be capable of grasping.

      1. skeptical I would quit while I was ahead if I was you! I am working with ruff now and don’t need you stupid input.

        1. Owner…
          Being a nasty little bully will not change the fact that you are in the wrong with having your dogs off leash and in a playground area clearly marked NO DOGS ALLOWED. Man up or shut up

    2. Owner-

      We very much would like to share our ideas and progress for a dog park in the North End with you. You have two beautiful dogs who would greatly benefit from a legal, safe place to excerise. If you would like to talk and learn more about this and what we do as a group please email us at and we can get in touch. Appreciate you reaching out to us.

  18. Christopher Columbus park has been an unofficial dog park since the park was redone. People let the dogs play off leash all the time, even when there is an event like a concert. A fenced in dog park in the back lawn was proposed not long after the park was finished but the then board of directors opposed it.

    1. Christopher Columbus park: Is not a Dog park! I repeat it is not a dog park!
      On Tuesday march 25 if you want to see law breakers of the leash Law then wait until
      the next edition of North End online.
      I will admit to having my Dogs off leash and it is because I have no place to bring them to run my dogs where in a fenced in area and were unleashed when they go inside the hockey court. They did not shit or make a mess just ran around so there for I don’t know what Melanie is talking about? however she is entitled to her opinion.
      these dogs ( Weimaraners ) need to Run and burn off Mental Energy. My dog Mia Is a service dog as I am profound deaf she only wears a vest when working, The other Dog is Zachary He is a pet belonging to my handicapped friend who can not walk far. I got in touch with RUFF
      And I am going to try and keep the Gassy clean. all the cans and bottles I will cash in and that will pay for trash bags that
      will be left at the curb side. now is everyone Happy?

      1. If your dogs need to run, you should not have them living in the North End. Get a dog that needs to exude less energy to be happy.

        1. Couldnt agree more. Pretty self-centered of someone to buy a dog that needs open space to burn energy, and making a choice to live in the North End. So, basically, screw everyone else and the neighborhood, you want to own a weimaraner.

          Why dont you run it down by the rink? Because it’s in open sight and you would get caught, that’s why.

          1. Sorry about how you feel but some of us are born and brought up in the North End! That should not dictate what kind of dog I own! We have means of bringing our dogs to a park and exhaust themselves but when you park your car and your dog just needs a brief walk, you’d never get another spot, where you live shouldn’t be a problem! Where you take it is the problem not the size of the dog!

            1. Good luck finding that space for you dog…it doesn’t and never will exist in this part of the city.

            2. Umm, yes it should dictate what kind of dog you own. How about it’s not fair to the dog….

              Many people move out of the city when they decide to have kids. Too bad your dog didn’t get the same consideration.

          2. I bet you haven’t done enough research to know that Weimaraners are nicknamed Velcro dogs because they always need to have human contact! He’s fine right here in the Northh End! He has been for five years going on six until some people start behaving like animals themselves and start pointing fingers acting all high and mighty! How sad that we live in a world where people are quick to judge and name calling w/out even knowing the person! ;(

            1. To John Levensen: Many of these comments have noted that RUFF is
              proposing a fenced-in dog park on Parcel 12. There is going to be a great space for them, not to worry.

        2. Have you ever seen a Jack Russell terrier?! They’re small and require lots of expending energy! It’s no ones business what kind of dog anyone has my apartment suits my dog fine! He’s got an enclosed back yard three floors to run up and down in! He’s better off than I am!

      2. @Owner: You keep saying a bunch of stuff on here, at this point, it’s all mumbling to me since I am stumped by why you don’t understand two simple concepts: No Dogs Allowed and LEASH LAW. Stop making excuses for law breaking. I have a disability and when I had a dog, she was NEVER off leash and I never brought her where signs to me NOT to bring her. It’s not complicated. This also applies to everyone else who does the same thing, so don’t worry, “owner,” sadly you aren’t the only one being an irresponsible dog owner.

      3. Owner, your dogs must be a marvel of science seeing that ” they don’t s—t. I think if you just offer the woman even a half hearted apology & announced that you would stop the practice of taking your dogs into an area where dogs aren’t permitted & keep them on a leash at all times people would cut you some slack.But a person will never change their behavior if there of the opionon that what their doing is not wrong because other people do it as well.

      4. When you go into Columbus Park, you are not passing a No Dogs sign. I understand that you are deaf, but being sighted means you should have seen this sign. Richmond St had its swing sets removed and has room to run, plus official or not, everyone there has a dog, not a child. Every single day while going to and from work I can see dozens of people with dogs and Columbus Park. They are off the leash and running around. I’ve even seen police cars parked by the water and no one seems to care. So I don’t get the meaning of official or designated areas for dogs, when the signage “No Dogs Allowed” wasn’t plain enough. The Gassy being a shooting gallery is another topic. There is a pretty obvious case for a police patrol through there. Which you should not be complaining about because you broke the law as did the public drinkers. It’s really up to a court to decide who is the worst offender.

        1. There is a sign in CCP that clearly says to keep dogs on a leash not “no dogs allowed”. Nobody cares about that as long as they can let their dogs run loose…even during concerts or when there are families there letting their kids play in the grass. Sorry but if you want to let your dog run off leash go burbs.

      5. The north end desperately needs a dog park and I applaud Ruff’s efforts, but in the meantime, there is a park just over the bridge in Charlestown that is dog friendly. It’s just a short walk from the north end and it’s a huge grassy area. I’d recommend checking it out – the dogs would probably prefer grass over a paved area.

  19. @ Owner, I would like to think I may have asked you to leash your dogs even if they weren’t bothering anyone, but honestly, I probably wouldn’t have. Yes, you and your dogs walked through the basketball court to the hockey court (which is NOT completely separated by a fence- take a close look at picture or next time you walk your dog). The reason I asked you to please leash your dogs is because one of them came right up to me (off leash) while with my son on the basketball court, circled and sniffed (@ Prince St- you must have missed this). I like dogs, but don’t know yours, so I asked you to leash them while pointing out the “No Dogs Allowed” sign. It was then that you refused and told me your dogs need to run. We then left the court. The reason for my post was to help show there is a great need for a dog park/run in/near our neighborhood and to show that a neighbor needs help becoming a more respectful, responsible and (after reading posts) a truthful neighbor. Finally, I’d like to think that you were a good neighbor and notified the restaurant of the rats-on-bread issue and maybe helped clean up the beer cans, etc you found after St. Patrick’s Day. That’s what good neighbors do.

  20. I hate to sound pessimistic but I’ve come to the conclusion that the NE could build the Taj Mahal of dog parks/paw playgrounds & there would still be an issue with some dog owners who will do whatever they want & refuse to pick up after their dogs.

  21. When you purchase or adopt a dog you have to do some resarch & find out if the dog is a good fit for you & vice versa & the area that you live in & your lifestyle.Some dogs even large dogs do well in an apartment setting & just want to hang out & don’t require as much excersize as other breeds but many need to run & require more excersize & space then others.I have owned dogs for over 30 years & my favorite breed is probably a German Shepard but I’ve never owned one because I don’t have a back yard & apartment living is not ideal for this breed or many other large dogs.

    1. growing up in the north end years ago.. (yeah her we go again the old days 🙂 ) it was very rare to see dogs I could count on my hands how many dogs were in the north end..i always wanted a dog but my parents wouldn’t get me one because the apts were small and they felt it wasn’t fair for a dog. now I live out of town I have a dog and hes not that big hes 25 pounds ..short and in my house he rules it.. I walk him on a leash ..I skieve the dog park because no one picks up after their dogs poop.. this is not for you Michael d .. dollar tree and dollar stores sell dog poop bags they are easy to use to pick up poop..

    2. My dog is quite content! He’s got 3 floors to run up and down in he’s got an enclosed back yard to go in the middle of the night or early morning! We have a car and a place at the Cape so don’t tell me to do my research! You people w/the problems should’ve done your research before moving here! How’s that feel?! Not so nice now does it! This is getting ridiculous! Judging people telling them what kind of dogs they should have! Maybe you should be in politics or haven’t you heard?! This is a free country last time I checked!

  22. My dog is a very happy dog who gets plenty of exercise out of town! If he walks around the neighborhood on his leash, is that going to be headlines too?! Enough already! He is always picked up after! I buy poop bags for $19.00 I wouldn’t NOT use them!

      1. I wouldn’t be anything else, when my dog was a puppy and going on the sidewalk I would go out there w/pine-sol and hot water to rinse it away as you can’t always pick up a puppies excrement, especially off the sidewalk! I didn’t want anyone stepping in it and carry it into their homes or cars! Sadly my dog had been attacked and bitten and now I have to take him to a desolate place and hope that no one allows their dogs to run after my dog because his response is to bark and that sounds like an aggressive reaction! But it’s not because he’s just frightened especially when he’s on leash! You can’t believe how many uneducated owners I’ve run into ;( they just assume all dogs are ok w/others! He was so happy go-lucky until that incident! It breaks my heart to see him cower like he does when in the company of another dog especially when he was a puppy playing in Charlestown park I couldn’t get him to play w/me he’d be off running w/the pack! I wish to make this known to all dog owners! Not every dog gets along w/others to prevent your dog getting harmed, please ask owner if dog is dog friendly! Thank you JD! I hope we can all come to some sort of agreement and play nice! We could all take lessons from our beloved dogs! 😉

    1. you are one of the most thoughtful dog owners that I know and the type that you would clean some other dogs poop so your dogs can be safe! bella dollar tree has the dog poop bags 50 for a dollar

  23. On Monday at around 2:00p I went to the Gassy with my Camera and Mia on leash to photograph all the poop and the beer cans. I went up to the first level and to my surprise there it was mountains of neglected Dog poop and beer and wine bottles everywhere! I took shots of this, and as I was coming down the stairs I noticed Two guys walking into the gassy and they both had unleashed dogs! I started shooting what I was seeing, as I got down to the bottom, two of the dogs started charging me, one being a pit bull, I was fearing for the life , as I asked the guys to put them on their leashes I was still taking pic as this whole thing was unfolding! After the dogs were on their leash I had words with their owners I tried to tell them that I was there to do a photoshoot for Ruff so they can have evidence That the North end desperately needs a dog park. One of the dog owners said to me if my picture shows up in the paper I will break your camera! Now, that is a threat, is it not? I am sending three pictures to the north end waterfront, a picture with all three owners, and Two dogs off leash charging me. this is nothing compared to what happened the other day at the gassy.

  24. This is the same owner with his girlfriend that had both dogs in the toddler area a couple years ago. I kindly told him that the dogs can’t be in there and the girlfriend told me to mind my business the dogs need to play…lol maybe the whole gassy can be dedicated to the dogs. I own a dog. I do take him off leash occasionally..he’s very well trained and I pick up after him. Unfortunately, this neighboorhood has so many ctures that live here with different up bringing a that the problem is more widespread. Doesn’t matter where they put a park we will still deal with the teenagers and homeless people that go up the flights even during the day. The north end is not the place to live if your dog needs to run. Sorry peeps!

  25. I love how people love to attack dog owners and do so collectively.

    I would bet some if these people don’t recycle and let their trash bags get ripped open by the bottle collectors which attracts rats to the open bags.. Rats carry diseases (umm black plage). How about we paint all of the people who have dog issues as non recycling (which is also required by the city) and dog hating residents?

    Or how about we say that all parents are doing a horriable job raising their based on the few bad apples in the neighborhood .

    For some people their dogs are their children, because life hasen’t worked out for them in that department for one reason or another…

    1. Ner, I doubt that people who refuse to pick up their dogs waste consider themselves environmentalist’s & are concerned with recycling & the trash policy.No one is “attacking” dog owners & many of us are dog owners who are addressing irresponsible dog owners.

  26. This is a problem here in South Boston as well. There seems to be an entitled group of dog owners who feel they are exempt from the rules of society. They have taken over a playground and there is no grass left and deep holes in the ground.. Selfish people are everywhere these days, and animal control is a joke.If they break the law they are ignorant and it will do no good to argue with them.
    Selfish, disrespectful. law breaking dog owners are not into reasoning,Just plain ignorant.

  27. A new website is being written and is in the making .
    On how the people of boston disobey the law of the city.
    Bla bla

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