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Lost Dog – Last Seen in the North End

Lost Dog – Last Seen in the North End

Contact Alicia at bostonitis@gmail.com.

My dog is a sweet 3 1/2 year old rescue turned therapy dog who went missing Tuesday (5/24) at 2:30 pm in downtown Boston when something frightened her and she broke away from me.  I chased her through the park but couldn’t keep up.

After 7 hours of canvasing and posting flyers the last location anyone claimed to have seen her was the intersection of Surface Road and Hanover St., where she was seen being chased by what the train employee called “junkies”.

The three eye witnesses said they never caught her but she was very afraid and I found no leads after that.  She is 60 lbs grey and white with white “socks” on her feet.  She is very timid but LOVES people.


Here is a link with picture:

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