Richmond Dog Run Expands; Mystery Waste Dispenser

New fencing was installed recently at the Richmond Street dog run by MassDOT, the State property owner around the tunnel. In the process, they reconfigured the layout of the fences so as to greatly expand the usable area, giving the pooches much more room to roam and run. RUFF, the North End dog owners group, extends their thanks to MassDOT for their continued support to make this a useable open space area for our community dogs.

About a week after the new fencing was finished, a new pet waste bag dispenser mysteriously appeared just inside the gate of the dog park. RUFF has contacted both MassDOT and Boston City Hall to try and find out who the anonymous benefactor might be but neither MassDOT, the Boston Parks Dept. nor Animal Control, knows anything about it.

If you know who put in the dog waste station, please contact so we can ensure it gets refilled once the initial supply of bags runs out.