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Parks Department Discusses Capital Planning for North End Parks


Marchelle Jacques-Yarde, Outreach Coordinator for Design and Construction of the Boston Parks Department, talked to members of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) on April 10th about capital planning projects for the North End parks.

Some specific areas of concern include the Copp’s Hill Terrace and Prado – Paul Revere Mall. The Parks Department will also be taking on the new Mayor Menino Park next to the new Spaulding facility at the end of the Charlestown Navy Yard. In addition, prospects for a neighborhood dog park were discussed.

A walkthrough of North End parks is being planned with the NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee and the Parks Department. View the video above for more details.

One Reply to “Parks Department Discusses Capital Planning for North End Parks

  1. Dear North End Neighbors,

    I didn’t make to the latest Parks meeting but I see that the trees on Hanover Street are once again not on the agenda – the neglected orphans of the City and worse, the neighborhood. If you haven’t noticed the sad condition of the trees on Hanover Street, I ask you to please take notice. They are being STRANGLED by old strings of lights that were put up by a neighborhood business association over 10 years ago and were never taken down. They are now broken and hanging out of the trees, taking broken branches with them. I’ve mentioned this situation to members of the Chamber of Commerce, and pleaded with various City departments, and the City Arborist, with promises that it will be considered and addresses “eventually” when time and budget permit. In the meantime the trees are DYING! …and look hideous. I’m amazed that the businesses that the trees stand in front of don’t seem to notice, or care. It’s not just an esthetic issue for the neighborhood…it’s a health issue…trees provide shade and help clean the air…and with Summer comes more cars and exhaust. Without trees Hanover Street would feel and look like a desert. I’m ready to take a ladder out and start climbing trees with wire cutters…anyone care to help?

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