The Weekender: Rachel Revere Hotel, Airline Rage, Lewis Wharf

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Hotel Rome in North Square.
Hotel Rome in North Square.

Life on the Corner: The Hotel Rome

With the redesign plans for Rachel Revere square underway, this article takes you back to a time before the space was a park and Hotel Rome stood tall. The hotel occupied the space for almost 100 years before being demolished in the 1950’s, read the post.

Man Stabbed in Fight Outside Haymarket Bar; Suspect Charged

A physical altercation at a bar near Haymarket lead to police responding to a stabbing of a 32 year old victim. In the early hours of approximately 1:00a.m., police arrived on scene and both men were treated at nearby hospitals, read the article for more.

State Regulator Weighs In On Lewis Wharf Hotel Proposal

Several local and state officials have weighed in on the Lewis Wharf Hotel proposal, now the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has spoken. The scope of the proposal is a nonwater-dependent use project under Chapter 91, continue reading more on the environmental implications.

Photos courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons / (L) Roel Driever, (R) Edward Kim – See more at
Photos courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons / (L) Roel Driever, (R) Edward Kim – See more at

Tons of Notable News: Rome Living, Car Share Woes, Halloween Alley, DiMasi Health Plea, Pizza Popularity and More!

With articles on everything from public parking spots to comparing the cost of living in Rome and Boston, this notable news post has something for everyone. Read the post for articles on Sal DiMasi, North End pizza and more!

Downtown View: Air Rage

Examining recent incidents and altercations on passenger flights, can you blame people for these instances? Speaking about poor conditions on flights, with limited room, “have you taken a flight recently? It is humiliating.” Read the article.

Editor’s Pick:

Neighborhood Photo: Full Moon over the North End Waterfront

Was this one of the last nights of warmth for 2015? Observing the moon over Boston Harbor on a clear night, knowing that a cold November is just days away, view the post.

Friendly reminder that Daylight Savings time ends on Sunday.