More Unleashed Dogs in the Gassy

Last week’s post about unleashed dogs in the Gassy (DeFilippo Playground) courts has caused quite a stir.  The dog owner in that situation was in the Gassy again on Monday, this time with his own camera. He tells us that he was out looking to document the mess there. He explained that he is profound deaf, owns a hearing service dog, and did not understand what the woman who talked to him that day was saying about his unleashed dogs at the time.

What he did find in the Gassy on Monday were several other dogs running off leash in the area behind the courts. He shares the above photo of two dogs running toward him. It appears words were exchanged between the dog owners, even threats.

Both parties claim the other also had dogs off leash. One owner we contacted said there were no kids in the park and he does not let his dog off leash when children are present.

All we know for certain is that the Gassy has gone to the dogs!

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  1. These dog articles and photos provide solid support for RUFF’s proposal for a dog playground on Parcel 12.

    1. Perhaps it is time to let go of this subject and move on. RUFF has a page on Facebook for the new dog park. There is a petition for the park proposal and more signatures are needed. RUFF will not make your name public if you wish to remain anonymous.

      1. Why should we move on? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the petition for Parcel 12 shouldn’t get our full support but why can’t we have both if the funds can be appropriated publicly or privately? We have an huge problem with illegal activity at The Gassy particularly on the flights. The dog owners obviously find it to be a convenient place to take their dogs for exercise. This space that is not being used has a need for this worthwhile use. If the flights are fenced in as a dog park, it will get the dogs out of the lower level, the dog owners will use the flights and clean it and the bonus is that their presence in numbers will help to deter the illegal activity ….to me, that would be a huge improvement. Moving on is the wrong approach. In my opinion, staying on point and focused is the right way to proceed with this solution.

        1. I totally agree. Parcel 12 will take a while to secure. The Gassy could be done right away and would help to solve a bunch of neighborhood problems at once.

          1. Jennifer. I just responded to PJ. I don’t mean to move on and away from RUFF.
            For heaven’s sake, I’ve been in touch with them and the process will take time, and no one is letting the ball drop, you can be assured. Maybe our comments, at this point in time, could stop. The anger and sarcasm are not helping get a dog park. Perhaps I was not clear in my message.

        2. PJ When I say move on, I mean we should stop the comments now, as they are getting a bit nasty. The process of obtaining Parcel 12 for the dog park will take time, and it is important. Understand me when I say I think we’ve all said enough in these
          comments, and let’s let it go.

          1. OK Marisa…Duly Noted! I didn’t think that I was being nasty, simply making a point and being constructive.

            I’ll leave it be for this go round..Cheers!

            1. PJ. YOU were not being nasty. Your note was constructive, and you have a good idea. Let’s hope RUFF gets Parcel 12 soon.

  2. Here we go again.. Any dog bites in the neighborhood lately? Any confirmed illnesses related to dogs? If you’re a proud northender, stop being hypocrites and focus on the heroin deals that happen daily on your beloved Salem and Hanover streets. Dog poop is a minor issue. Heroin is not.

    1. Basil .i agree the drug & public drinking issues are a big problem & have been for quite a few years but the days of NEnder’s taking matters into their own hands are long gone.These are law enforcement issues that need to be addressed to both the police & politicians because there is basically zero enforcement & the gassy is like the badlands & drugs are sold and used in broad daylight throughout the neighborhood.As for the dog issue residents should not be subjected to trying to walk down streets & parks that look like mine fields because of the dog crap it’s totally disrespectful & inexcusable for an owner not to pick up after their dogs.

  3. There are two issues here, dogs off-leash and poo. Yes, build the dog park already! Dogs are not supposed to run off leash, but people have dogs – they aren’t going anywhere. The park would give owners a place to go.

    As for the poo, is there any way that the city could institute a program for tracing poo back to specific dogs? It has been done successfully in other places. I am not a dog owner, but I would happily kick in $ (and I’m guessing others would too) to support this program. (See link below.)

    And… what kind of breeds are those dogs? Because the tan one looks a little like a pit bull? Obviously I could be wrong.

    1. Don’t stereotype a dog breed. So what if that is a pit bull??? Why don’t you educate yourself before you make a sweep judgement. Would you point out the one black/Hispanic/Italian person in a photo claiming they’re the one who is going to cause trouble just because you’ve heard that about them?

        1. I believe there are no bad dogs only owners but the stigma attached to pit bulls is undeniable and when dogs sense that you’re afraid that makes them less fearful of you so they feel they’ve got you under their control! Anyone would be afraid of something coming towards them dog, bike people etc!

        2. You are stereotyping by pointing out the pit bull as different from the other dog. And no, I don’t think it’s that far off to compare to stereotypes of humans. It’s racism. Interesting article but owners of pit bulls are high risk people? Give me a break

    2. You’re right it is a Pit Bull! Now if Melanie had that dog running after her I wouldn’t blame her for fearing for hers or her kids safety! The photographer was worried for his safety not only from the charging dogs but from the owners threats!! This has gotten way out of hand!

    3. If that dog is a “pit bull”, so what? They can be loving dogs, just like every other breed out there. This fear of pit bulls directly contributes to THOUSANDS of beautiful, sweet, loving dogs being killed in shelters because homeowner’s insurance policies make it impossible for most people to adopt them. I would ask anybody who thinks they are bad dogs to go down to MSPCA Angell shelter and visit with the adoptable dogs. They ALWAYS have some waiting there for homes. It will truly change the way you view these dogs.

  4. I just don’t get it. There is space at The Gassy Flights for a dog park. It’s even divided inTo two levels to accommodate large and small dogs. Currently that area is a notorious location for drug dealing and teen drinking. If the dog owners had this space available like they do at Richmond Street, we would have a revolving group of citizens available to police the area. Hello!…This is such a common sense solution to two huge problems. Let’s stop fighting and get behind this idea. It’s a win win!

    1. Because the flights are some disgusting place I wouldn’t even let my pet rat walk thru if I had one! Needles broken bottles more of a hazard than anything else

  5. I wish people would concentrate on other things then dogs off leashes. What about all the needles on every street in the neighborhood. Or all the packages getting stolen out of so many buildings. Women getting attacked, minding there business. I walk dogs and see the s___ all over the neighborhood. I also see needles everywhere. There’s much bigger problems in the neighborhood then a dog off the leash. If you want to go and take pics walk the streets and take pics of the needles. I would be more concerned about a kid picking that up then a dog off leash. Get real!

    1. These things never happened years ago when the people who are called THE ENTITLED lived here and there were people on every corner taking care of their neighborhood! I can’t even name one person while I’m out and about! It’s truly sad that those days are gone but I wish the younger generation would respect their current neighborhood and treat it the way they would wherever it was they came from! Sadly they think the North End is a party college town! We don’t have one college in walking distance!!?? Well maybe Suffolk is in walking distance but I’m sure you get the picture!! Not blaming anyone just trying to get a message across! 😉

  6. I wonder if the genius who owns these dogs ever stopped to think that the reason there were no kids in the gassy was because he was letting his dogs run free.

  7. Bingo! Great point Vinny! Taking a child to a park where there may be off leashes dogs with unpredictable behavior is a risky proposition. In response to Tobs post…I think that exposing those same children to the needles and teenage shenanigans is probably a bigger problem. You have to start somewhere and this is the place to implement a neighborhood police force. Making the flights a dog park just fits. You’ll kill two birds with one stone.

  8. The 10 years I’ve lived in the North End, I’ve not once read about a dog off leash doing any harm. If this is about dog poop, I am a dog owner and agree they should crack down on owners that don’t clean up the mess. A dog park would be great but until that happens, I won’t think ill on REAPONSIBLE dog owners’ dogs off leash that respect the cleanliness of the park. And want to know why needles go unnoticed? I confronted a guy shooting up in my buildings back alley once. Ran into a “local” cop a second later and asked him to address it. Wasn’t worth his time cause he walked right on by.

  9. If people let their dogs crap all over the gassy now and don’t clean it up what makes people think that these same lazy inconsiderate dog owners are going to clean up after their dogs in a dog park? Do you expect Ruff to go there every day and clean up? Do you expect the city to clean up the dog park. I even doubt that changing the flights to a dog park is going to keep the kids from being in there partying late at night. What about the people who use the flights as a short cut to get between Snowhill/Hull and Prince St? To all of you complaining about the needles…do YOU call the mayors hot line and report the location of the needles or the people in there shooting up?

    1. Skeptical2….I understand your concern, but think if you go over to the Richmond St. Park, you will see that it is clean and picked up by the dog owners. There are dog poop bag dispensers and trash receptacles. It looks like a pretty good example of what could certainly be an improvement to the wasted space that the flights are now. What would be the harm? The space is available and the need is obviously worth giving serious consideration. Excuse the pun, but there is no place to go, but up!

      1. the irresponsible dog owners who frequent the Gassy are not likely to clean up if the flights are turned into a dog park. I know that people who use Richmond Street have been good about keeping it clean and the Ruff group makes sure it stays that way. Just cannot see that happening in the Gassy Sorry but responsible dog owners will be responsible no matter where they take their dogs. The irresponsible owners will just keep on being a self entitled bunch of jerks no matter how much people try to get them to change their behavior.

        1. OK….so on one hand, your argument is that some of the dog owners who frequent the Gassy are irresponsible and they are not likely to clean it up no matter what improvements are implemented. On the other hand you commend the dog owners who use the Richmond St. Park for doing a good job keeping that park clean with the help of RUFF. Why should this idea get dismissed because of the behavior of irresponsible dog owners….is that fair to the responsible ones? If they can keep it supervised at Richmond St., why can’t this same objective be achieved at the Gassy? You have to start somewhere. I really have to wonder if your second point in your first post about using the Gassy as a walking cut-through between Prince, Snow Hill & Hull Street is your real motive for not supporting this idea and if dogs and illegal activity are the farthest thing from your mind. Do you really feel safe walking through that area when drinking teens are congregating and clandestine drug sales are going on?

          1. How did you make the leap from my not thinking the irresponsible dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs in the playground would probably not clean up in a dog park and my asking what about people who use the flights as a shortcut between Prince St and Hull to I must want to keep the stairs for that purpose or for some illegal use? You do not know me so do not presume to now my motives for saying anything.
            I have no reason to use that staircase. Never have and probably never would. Has nothing to do with feeling unsafe and everything to do with not needing to use that route for any reason unless I happened to be on Prince St and there were first responders directing me and everyone else to go that way for some public safety reason. FYI mr/ms mind reader… I have been trying to get the police to address the drug use/dealing and underage party problem for many years. Maybe with a new Captain coming to Area A and some other people changes there, something might actually be done.
            yes I think RUff and the dog owners who use the Richmond St park are doing a good job of keeping that space clean. However, that does not mean the irresponsible inconsiderate people who frequent the gassy with their dogs now will change their behavior if the flights morph into an official dog park. The two are totally unrelated. I also do not think it is RUFF’s responsibilty to clean a dog park in the Gassy when it’s users do not. I do not oppose nor support a dog park in the Gassy. I just think people are being unrealistic about getting the city to agree, getting the conversion paid for, keeping the area clean and how quickly the other issues will be solved if at all by a dog park.

  10. I would be petrified if these two dogs were running at me and my three small children who would be the same height they are. While these dogs may recognize me as alpha to them, they could do anything to my small kids. I have three kids and couldn’t hold them all over my head to protect them at the same time. I don’t care how well behaved the dogs may be, animals are unpredictable.

    1. Jennifer, I agree 100%. I wish that dog owners would assume that most people would like the freedom to choose whether or not they interact with a strange dog. People have a right to be on the sidewalks and in parks without being physically accosted.

  11. Two things:
    1) Responsible dog owners off leash? No such thing, any more than there are responsible drunk drivers. You break the law and endanger the public and you’re not acting responsibly even if someone didn’t get hurt this time. Your dog bites a kid and you’ll pretend to be innocent the same way you’d be snowing the cops by the side of the road if you got pulled over. Face it: it’s reprehensible behavior.

    2) The dog feces people leave around is hazardous whether someone steps in it or not. Dog feces is the primary source of airborne bacteria in winter air. It’s making kids sick – dog feces is an asthma trigger.

    1. Yes, letting a well behaved dogs off leash is exactly the same as drunk driving. Also, I’m pretty sure smog and air pollution is the primary source of asthma in all times. There are lots of things that can be triggers…the only way dog poop is going to trigger anything is if you lock someone in an airtight room and surround them with actively pooping dogs.
      How do you get through life being this scared of everything?

  12. Jennifer, as a dog owner I will be the first to admit that dogs are fiercely loyal,protective & territorial & yes unpredictable.I cant tell count how many times while walking our 10 lb dog on her leash that some idiot has their 50 to 75 pound dogs running amok & coming straight at our dog so I can only imagine a dog charging at children.It has happened to us here & along the Charles River where in the summer people are running, bicycling, eating their lunch or just sitting on a bench & there is a children’s playground & swimming pool & signs everywhere that read “All dogs must be leashed” that many owners ignore.

    1. Hey, I have a 55lb dog that other dogs – larger and smaller – have charged, much to her (and my) horror. Unleashed dogs are a constant problem when I take my dog out because I follow the rules and keep her on a leash. When my dog is on a leash, unleashed dogs make her very nervous. Now, take her to a designated, fenced spot where she can safely run and she’s the most social dog you’ll ever meet. But the special snowflakes who think leash laws don’t apply to them make the outdoors a hazard for people with AND without dogs.

      1. Shauna my dog has the same problem when he’s on the leash, and his reaction is to bark which makes people think he’s aggressive! It breaks my heart to see him like that because he used to play and run w/off leash dogs all the time, now if one goes near him he cries and barks in fright! People don’t deserve dogs who don’t know how to meet and greet their dogs w/others!

        1. It’s so sad! Mine doesn’t even bark, she freezes or cowers. Some owners of the unleashed dogs think this is HILARIOUS, which makes me rage. Oh, yeah, that’s so funny that my dog is terrified even though she’s 10x the size of your dog. Keep your stinking mutts under your control, please, and stop terrorizing my dog!

          1. I’m so sorry to hear that Shauna! My dog barks if a dog even walks past him and my trainer said that is impossible to correct, just like people not everyone gets along w/everyone! But he also said that if a dog is barking, he’s not aggressive it’s the ones that attack w/out warning! ;( so if you see a dog barking while walking your dogs out there, please, just give it some respect and try to walk away from it! They’re very scared and this can cut short his years of health! Thank you!

      2. I was actually talking to a girl who owns a Great Dane and her dog was on the leash and another dog ran over and bit her dog!!!! She couldn’t believe it!!?? I still can’t believe what happened to me and my dog while crossing Hanover st. on our walk hime on the hottest Father’s Day weekend I can remember, a French bulldog ran across the street and started chasing my dog!!! I couldn’t run so all I could do was run in circles till owner called her dog Jaques Jaques!! OMG I can’t believe he did that?! Why wasn’t your dog on his leash on the side of Hanover street near commercial street???!!! Today I saw a woman walking 2 dogs one a Bull Mastiff one a French bulldog W/OUT A LEASH???!!! OMG all it takes is one sound to spook them and run in the street and get killed!!!! I actually yelled out Jaques to see if it was the same French bulldog that ran after my dog ;(

        1. That’s awful. What is wrong with people to have their dogs unleashed on a busy street like that? Even if I thought my dog was the most special dog ever and no one could possibly object to it running around like a menace, I’d be too worried for her safety to let her off leash. Even a well-trained dog – which the ones you’re describing certainly are not – can get spooked with no warning.

          Hope your dog is OK, and the Dane, too.

          1. Thank you Shauna, but I’ve hired a trainer and that is the hardest thing to heal, sadly, it’s as though they’ve lost their trust! Even if they get the best dog park in the world I would have to wait till it was totally free of any dogs! So that’s why I try to go to desolate places. You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to get him into agility training! I’ve bought one but it’s a rinky dink one lol made for smaller dogs but we still have fun doing it and it’s so amazing to watch him learn so quick! If they ever do build a dog park I would love to maybe get the students at the North Bennett industrial schools help in making something like that!
            I hope your dog is ok?! I’ve never run into the Great Danes owner again because I can’t go to the Charelstown park any longer!

  13. People fearing dog attacks in a playground, needles all over the neighborhood, open public drinking, nuisance loud parties all night, things sailing off roof deck, sexual assaults, …. Sounds like a degenerate neighborhood to me.

  14. Bottom line – dogs don’t ever belong in playgrounds where small children can be attacked by unleashed dogs or exposed to dog excrement that can make them sick – end of discussion…there are very good reasons why signs are posted clearly stating that dogs are not allowed. Dog owners, please be good neighbors and exercise your dogs where kids do not play. If that means walking a few extra blocks away from where you live, well, isn’t the idea to exercise your dogs anyway???? Thank you!

  15. I recently moved out of the North End after 15 years (to Charlestown) and I couldn’t be happier. Quieter, a heck of a lot cleaner, less tourists, more civilized, people seem to take more pride and care in their neighborhood, and less overall headaches than the north end. I was a bit reluctant to move and now i can’t believe i didn’t do it sooner. I certainly don’t miss the north end attitudes and blatant sense of entitlement that i was exposed to every day in north end, as well as the vagrants that hang around all day and brag about being under house arrest or spending time in the joint as it it were a badge of honor. It seems that the north end in general can’t seem to get out of its own way to solve these simple problems, yet a short walk over the bridge and the same problems don’t exist. If all the trash and problems that everyone complains about are that bad, why not just move on and be done with it? Contrary to what some might think there really is life beyond the borders of the north end. Life is too short to be constantly complaining and trying to one-up the other guy. I would venture to predict that in 10 years the north end overall won’t be all that much of a better place than it is today. The old timers will still have their sense of entitlement and attitude that everyone owes them something, transients will still treat the NE like a playground, trash will still litter the streets, real estate will be way overpriced, college kids will make too much noise, and noone will have figured out how to make Bova’s and Pompei close at a decent hour. By then I’ll care even less than i do today and be happy with a house and a yard in the suburbs (i probably won’t even remember how to get to the north end and will have forgotten about the dot on the map that it is) – throw all the barbs you want at me, you can’t reach me where i live now anyway 🙂

    1. Yes…because everyone knows no one from Charlestown has ever gone to prison. You haven’t been by the CVS, have you?

      1. You took the words right out of my mouth! If the North End is such a spot on the map, why all the tourists?! Hello the Bunker Hill Monument is another tourist attraction, but maybe you don’t live near there?! I can’t tell you how many police cars and sirens go by my house on their way over the bridge towards Charlestown on any given weekend! It just not written in the newspaper

    2. You must’ve enjoyed the North End if you were here for 15 years also the generation that DESERVES entitlement used to keep their stairs and sidewalks clean w/sufranattha (look it up)! The North End has become a slum because of the absentee landlords who rent out their apartments to college kids who don’t have respect for ANYTHING!!! Peeing on sidewalks and off rooftops at daylight hours! I never would’ve believed it had I not seen it myself! Disbelief! I hope you enjoy Charlestown and don’t go near the projects if you want to stay away from drugs! Every neighborhood has an area that has a drug problem! Throwing out garbage for Monday morning pickups has become a problem because evidently the absentee landlords don’t teach their tenants!

    3. Had a cousin who lived there for 35 years. Finally got fed up with having her cars stolen and broken into. Had her home broken into and couldn’t stand it anymore because she felt it was unsafe. Tried living in Cambridge, but the pompous NIMBY Libs were sickening. Moved to Jersey and feels that she is in heaven. You can have life in Chuckytown. You will change your tune soon.

    4. Robert. thats a pretty scathing post & indictment of NE residents.Yes the NE is experiencing some issues & problems & to answer your question of “why not just move on & be done with it ?” It.s because many of us take great pride in this neighborhood & are trying to solve the problems you mentioned.You have moved on & I wish you luck we will stay & work out these issues.

    5. Robert,

      I spent my first 18 years living in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. It certainly was not the nicest (such) suburb, but it was not the worst one, either. It certainly had, and still has, its fair share of issues.

      Since graduating from college out in Wisconsin, I have been living in The North End for almost 17 years, now. While it, too, has its fair share of issues, we are actively working on them, and our efforts will not cease.

      I want to thank you, Robert, for teaching me how NOT to be:

      -I will NOT get on my hometown or high school’s website and bash the town and its residents, gloating how much happier I am to be living elsewhere. The fact that I was very fortunate (family support, college choices, etc.) to be able to move away does NOT make me any “better” than them, nor does it give me grounds for criticizing them for staying. Life is about (amongst many other things) hard work, choices, circumstances and taking advantage of opportunities, all of which just thankfully happened to come together for me, that’s all.

      -IF I ever move away from The North End, I will NOT get on this website and bash the neighborhood and its residents, gloating how much happier I am to be living elsewhere. I simply do not see any tangible, substantive point to, or reason for, doing such a thing, period.

      While I understand from your comment that you lived here for the last 15 years before moving (as opposed to what I wrote here about me being born and raised somewhere else for 18 years before moving away), my sentiments as expressed here remain the same.

      -David Marx-
      NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair

  16. There is a guy who let’s his black lab walk off the leash up and down Salem street every day. On the sidewalks, not even in a fenced park.

    Granted, the dog is nice, but it’s so aggravating that people like this guy have to push/annoy others to the point of making an awkward situation and telling him to leash the dog.

    1. People like this don’t deserve a dog! So sad to see them left outside while their owners are enjoying a nice warm breakfast or whatever! Leave your dog home till you can spend time w/it!! ;(

    2. While I agree that there is a leash law and it should be followed (because I honestly would rather not get chased down the street by a dog that might not be as sweet and lovable as most of the dogs in the North End are), this comment is quite combative. I think that you can get your point across in a much different way. It seems to me that you’re trying to push buttons with your word choices and that never leads to an actual constructive conversation.

      Regardless, I agree that rules and rules and everyone should follow them and I also agree that it’s important to have a space for dogs and their owners to go to so the dogs can exercise and play. However, I’ve been reading comments on various posts for awhile and it seems that people let their emotions drive their posts rather than their rational side and that is what starts arguments.

      Just my two cents.

    3. The guy with the black lab has never “pushed or annoyed” me.
      The dog is well trained, well behaved and the owner is extremely responsible for cleaning up after the dog.
      A dog park is needed. The flights is not the place for a dog park.
      If you moved out of the North End because of dogs you have thin skin and you will not be missed. If it for other reasons you still won’t be missed
      If you want to just rant go on Craig’s List.
      Poop is the real problem and many dog owners think its ok to clean up after their dog and toss the bag on top of a trash bag or on a door step or even on top of a car.
      RUFF is the answer to all the dog problems because their goal is not only a park for dogs to be dogs, but to educate owners to be responsible with their pet. Get off your couch and meet the members of RUFF and learn to live in an urban environment where people have to deal with other people. If not stay at the computer and look for a new place to live.

  17. So I get all the concerns but really what it comes down to in there is ONE place to let you dog off leash and it is the Richmond Dog run. People and dogs can live together, its not that hard, people need to be respectful and responsible, this means that we need to walk our dogs on leash, clean up after them and so on and so forth. The part that people often forget is that we need to play a part as well and do our piece. This means that we give up some of the space in the neighborhood to the dogs, this way they have a place to exercise, congregate and be allowed to be off leash and active. Yes some of the druggies and troublesome teenagers (yes, I was one back in the day) but the point is that it will benefit the community and improve us all. Why we need to make issues out of all theses small things is beyond me, everyone has to make some sacrifices (even the cat people).

    1. I totally agree w/you! I don’t see a problem w/walking your dog on a leash through a park and if the dog has a movement PICK IT UP!! I’m so sick of the saying that dogs don’t belong!!! People don’t understand probably because all they care about are themselves?! I don’t want to stoop to their levels and say nasty things but sometimes they bring it out of you from heaven knows where! I can’t believe people dictating to anyone, what breed of dog one should have! Unbelievable! If this was the North End of yore someone would call you on the phone or call someone who knew you to tell you, next time pick up your dogs effing poop!! Lol

  18. please read the info from JT I think that explains leash law and also gives a clear picture of hazards of dog poo. This info is clear and to the point. With that said The second landing of the gassy is a pit of dog poo, needles,broken bottles etc. The RUFF organization did intend to clean the poo from this landing but left without entering the area the area on both sides of the childrens enclosed swing area is also covered in dog poo. The enclosed swing area also has several piles of dog poo. While waiting for parcel 12 keep the dogs on leash and pick up after them. As for the other problems on the flights the police have been made aware of the situation. and Please keep dogs out of the fenced in Childrens areas.

  19. I wrote that we bring our dog to the Charles River to walk[leashed] as often as we can & to be fair most people are responsible & have their dogs on a leash & pick up their waste.But probably the most disturbing practice we have witnessed & we have seen it dozens of times is a person will pull into the parking area get out of their cars or SUV’S open the rear door & let their dog or dogs usually large ones loose in the area while they wait at their vehicle for the dog to do their business. When the dog is finished they will whistle or call their dogs & drive off.These people like some of the dog owners here do whats convienant for them not whats best or safe for the dogs.

    1. Exactly true Michaeld!! They don’t take their dogs out of their car w/a leash to see if there may be a dog or two that are afraid of a dog running towards them! I for one will never ever expose my dog to that park! I’d rather drive 15 minutes to let him run than just across the bridge! That’s the place that made him squeamish towards his own kind!

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