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Helicopter Hullabaloo

Helicopter by David ArnoldI understand compromises come with city life. But why does this helicopter hover over us often at sunrise, sometimes for at least ten minutes? It is no stranger to the ‘hood, thumping overhead of late at 6:20 to 6:30am – with the promise of arriving ever earlier as the days lengthen. I live in the Prince Building. Surely the racket is more pronounced for folks in the Union/Battery/Burroughs Wharves area.

The ‘copter reports in to the FAA tower at Logan as “Metro Networks Inc.” Google tells me Clear Channel Communications now owns Metro. This narrows the field to scores of possibilities. My money is on a Fox TV station getting a sunrise shot. Can anyone in the media get me closer?

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    1. ah yes, the police overtime racket of securing the city during an LNG delivery. as useless as those construction and utility details. hopefully those rackets disappear with menino.

  1. Call the Mayor’s hotline. Of course, nothing will be done, but the person answering the hotline phone likes the job.

  2. Does the late night Party-Goers keep you awake also ? If so, that would be just awful~~I feel badly for you~~you get it at both ends !!! There is no rest for the Weary !!!

  3. You could complain via the FAA or Mayor’s office, or to the TV station if you can identify them, but I’m pretty sure they are within FAA regulations. The Mayor (or anyone else) can’t really order them to stop, but they could bow to consumer pressure. (or the Mayor can probably muscle them in other ways)

  4. Thank you for raising the issue of the helicopter noise. It is annoying and seemingly without purpose.

  5. Seeing as how the side of the helicopter says “Fox 25”, it’s a pretty good bet the chopper is theirs for traffic reports/scenery shots. You could walk over to the station HQ on Beacon Hill and let them know how annoying it is for you, but I doubt they’d do anything about it. Good luck, though.

  6. I called the mayors hotline this morning as it was particularly bad over our building on the corner of battery / commercial at 6:20am. I felt like it was in my bedroom with me it was so loud. The representative on the hotline assured me that I was not the only one calling in to complain about it this morning… A couple of minutes later they did move to another location. Not sure if it was coincidence or if the amount of calls in this morning made a difference.

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