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Residents Bear Hours of Circling Plane Noise During Garden Game

The good news: If you were at the Garden for Game 2 on Tuesday night, the Celtics took down the Cavs for the win, 107 -94, now ahead 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals.

The bad news: If you were not at the game, but just living in the North End / Waterfront or Downtown Boston, you no doubt heard a loud, low flying prop plane circle dozens of times during and after the game.

Adam Balsam of the North End, tracked the plane and posted the flight paths after hours of the plane flying overhead from roughly 8pm until after 11pm.

The company Winged Vision Inc, who owns the plane, was hired by the likes of ESPN to get aerial coverage during the game.

Plane noise from Logan Airport is a daily occurrence, but the tight flight path and low-flying nature spurred off several complaints. And, it wasn’t just over the North End / Waterfront. Meg McClaff added “I’m in Beacon Hill and by my count it’s a billion since 7:45…”

14 Replies to “Residents Bear Hours of Circling Plane Noise During Garden Game

  1. Was home or out in the neighborhood all day and night yesterday. Literally did not hear anything out of the ordinary. Somebody must have very sensitive ears…

  2. I agree. I didnt hear anything in the Charlestown Navy yard but i am not noise sensitive.Where is your spirit? Glad the Celtics are doing well!

  3. I heard it, mostly on the waterfront side since it kept going over the harbor. I thought it was a new pattern for Logan. But yeah, very annoying.

  4. We were all tweeting about it last night. (I alerted UniversalHub, and Adam actually solved the mystery.) Every few minutes, another pass over the apartment. It wasn’t disconcerting, but just annoying when we got into the second hour of it, especially since I was watching hockey and care not a whit for basketball. 🙂

  5. We heard it at Lewis. I prefer the stealth Blackhawks training missions. These one-off bozos are lightweights.

  6. I have lived in the North End for over 40 years -which included the Big Dig – and the noise from this annoying prop plane that circled nonstop throughout the entire Celtics game was
    terrible. Was that really necessary considering the few times they did show the live aerial shots during the game they put game stats over them!

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