With work being done on Cross Street and the Blue Bikes station installed for the season, there is little room for pedestrians to walk along this busy section of the North End.

Photo submitted by Janine Coppola.

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  1. Did the neighborhood get any heads up at all about Verizon tearing up Hanover St. from one end to the other? Did I miss that?

  2. they could remove those parking spaces to give peds more room to walk. But I think calling out the blue bikes is in poor taste. those bikes are used by hundreds of folks every day and reduce traffic and pollution.

  3. This photo doesn’t show the ample space for pedestrians on the OTHER SIDE of the work zone (between the fencing and the Cross St. storefronts) for pedestrians. Why fabricate a problem to complain about? A living, thriving city comes with some occasional construction. If that’s too much to handle, there are plenty of boring suburbs to move to!

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