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“Pipe Down Please” – New Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program

Boston Police Discuss Their New “Pipe Down Please” Program With North End Residents at the September 2009 Public Safety Meeting

Boston Police unveiled a new voluntary program to reduce motorcycle noise on North End streets, called “Pipe Down Please.” The Boston initiative is mirrored after a successful program in Golden, Colorado named “Silence is Golden.” The police will be handing out cards requesting cooperation from bikers on the neighborhood’s residential streets. Police intend to initially target areas that bikers tend to gather such as Hanover Street. The cards will remind city bikers of existing sound level restrictions and the value of public peace.

Boston Police from Area A-1, Captain O’Rourke, Sargent Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle discussed the “Pipe Down Please” program at the September North End Public Safety Meeting. The police commented that enthusiast bikers are likely to comply with the program while there will always be some troublemakers.

Signage for Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program in Golden, Colorado

The outreach and self-policing program has had positive results in Golden, Colorado.This interesting story was on their website:
“In a bar, an officer shared this cooperative idea with a group of bikers. Shortly after the group went to the patio to chat about sharing the public peace value, two motorcycles with customized exhausts rode by with almost perfectly orchestrated timing. One was riding absolutely “rapped out” in a low gear, forcing the conversation to stop due to the bike’s loudness. The amazing part of this intrusion was that the bikers with whom the officer was conversing responded by exclaiming, “Now he needs a ticket!” They added that people who ride in that manner are “ruining the ride for the rest of us.” By contrast, the second motorcyclist, also riding a motorcycle with a customized exhaust, was in high gear with “low rev,” and the volume did not interrupt the conversation. The officer was quick to point out that the second motorcyclist was a great example of riding in a “community-friendly” fashion.”

The Golden, Colorado program also involved businesses that feared excessive noise would drive away tourists. Police indicated a cultural change needed to take place to diffuse an “us vs them” mentality with the bikers. Logo signs are posted in businesses and on street signs to give visability to the program.

The initiative follows the efforts of District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina who introduced a city ordinance that calls for an EPA stamp on all approved motorcycle mufflers operating in Boston. Without such a stamped muffler, the biker will be ticketed for a $300 fine. The ordinance was approved by the City Council and signed by the Mayor. However, a legal challenge has delayed its enforcement pending court proceedings. Despite the holdup on the city ordinance, police are looking at increased training with sound meters to enforce existing noise regulations.

3 Replies to ““Pipe Down Please” – New Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program

  1. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES, I agree you shouldn’t redline the bike in 1st gear around Hanover streets everywhere, with that said, Law enforcement shouldn’t be BLARRING thier sirens at 2am without a car in front of them either. Let’s all use our heads. Again let’s use the helmet law slogan " Let those who ride decide "

  2. Loud Pipes Again, not only save lives, but improves engine performance (saves gas) for the Green folks .Yes I also want to save a few bucks. My mention of helmet laws, N.H & Maine do not have any. The revenue makers, ahh, politicians don’t want a helment law.I know let’s ALL wear mandated helmets in our minivans. TBI (tramatic brain injury) would certainly go down! That would solve our current health bill proposal! Hey why not make a law with 5 point restraint seat belts. We can all look like NASCAR drivers. That would really make things safer. NASCAR is going green by the way. A spokesman stated 2011 they would have a hybrid vehicle to save gas. I had a buddy who flew F-4 fighter planes. He told me it burned 10,000 dollars an hour in the early eighties.wonder if UNCLE is making our new fleet of planes more fuel eff. What a hellava noise they make huh?Everybody is worried about my 2 cyclinder v-twin and how much noise it makes, worried about MY HEAD , but I choose to wear a helmet.DON’T tell me I have to.I served honorable for 2 years in the Marine Corp. Took an oath to uphold what’s left of our Constitution,I ALWAYS vote no to ammend ANYTHING on it.Get the "Gangbangers" off the street.Leave my bike ALONE.BUY AMERICAN,keep OUR economy STRONG my Harley is quieter than most MP3players

  3. Counseler Sal LaMatt, all Boston Police, there is a company called "Quiet Riot" product name(I have no affiliation) nor do I endorse this product, however it claims, REDUCES exhaust noise and improves midrange H.P& Torque.Your current bill states you want a stamped muffler EPA certified, we are in a recession I don’t know if your aware mufflers go for 400-1,000 dollars.There are quit a few USA made, countless men & women who maybe directly affected,Layoffs, Co closings, bankrupt U.S companies that YOU could effect thier lives forever(Einstiens theory) comes to mind.For Every Action, Thier is a REACTION. It maybe devastating for a LOT of Americans.Some major companies come to mind, Vance&Hines,Samson,Rienhart,Bikers Choice,Marteneze Brothers, to name a few. I’m sure some are 1 Man shops.If you consider the Quiet Riot thier web address is Phone# 970-215-2515 don’t bother using my name(they don’t know me, nor I them again) My only interest is for my fellow motorcycle enthusiats and the AMERICAN workforce. I wouldn’t like to see some poor guy or gal that’s been saving for 2 years to get a set of pipes that are going to be useless because of your bill ( that I don’t support). I’m sure your a good guy or the people from the N.End would not of voted for you.Put your valuable time into IMPORTANT issues such as the nut rapping all those women a few years back during the daytime etc.(was the guy ever caught). NO DISRESPECT , not on a couple of young hotrodders.As the article stated "just a few", most people on bikes are respectful people.In closing think of the AMERICAN workers & Consumers,you have to put your head on your pillow at night & sleep with your decision. See you at St. Anthony’s Feast

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