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North End / Waterfront Photos of the February 2013 Blizzard [Updated]

The Blizzard “Nemo” of February 8-9, 2013 was one for the record books. The North End / Waterfront was slammed with several feet of snow. The narrow streets create a problem of where to put the snow and the waterfront area saw huge drifts. Yet, folks seemed to take it all in stride, slowed down for a day and enjoyed the beauty of the scene. And of course, the kids thought it was super fun. It was also great to see neighbors catching up while digging out. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone that sent in photos. Together, we made an awesome neighborhood gallery! Click an image to start a full screen slideshow.


8 Replies to “North End / Waterfront Photos of the February 2013 Blizzard [Updated]

  1. An amazing collection of photos. Now I know what the whole neighborhood looks like and I didn’t even need to go outside! This certainly was the worst blizzard since ’78! Thank you!

  2. Matt,
    What a beautiful documentation of our neighborhood! Without you, this wouldn’t exist. There are so many fabulous photos! Thanks for providing the place where local photographers can have their photos posted! It’s great to see what exists beyond the area I traveled.

  3. Matt,

    Thanks for the fabulous photos. I am in Florida and I counted on you to record the storm and you did an A+ job. Looks like it was a beautiful site.

  4. Matt,
    Great job. I echo the comments already here: I saw the neighborhood even though I don’t live in the neighborhood. You are an amazing newsman.

  5. Matt,

    Great views of the city through the lens of a real pro…
    I really enjoy your work. I want to use them for a screen saver pic but having trouble choosing one there all so nice.

    Thank you


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