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Driving Ban Lifted, But City of Boston Parking Ban Remains; Safety Reminders During Storm Recovery

Governor Patrick has lifted the driving ban as of 4:00 pm on Saturday, but the City of Boston remains in a Snow Emergency state as far as parking restrictions. The MBTA will be shut through Saturday with a goal of restoring service for Monday’s morning commute.* Logan Airport is expected to resume flights on Sunday. Also, city officials sent out the following regarding public safety during the storm recovery:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino wishes to remind residents to exercise safety precautions during the recovery phase of this storm.

Public safety is the city’s number one priority. Unfortunately, today there was a tragedy involving the loss of a young boy’s life as he was overcome by carbon monoxide. This is a terrible reminder of the need to clear vehicle tailpipes of snow before starting them and of keeping exterior home vents clear of snow.

“The news of this tragic accident is a sad reminder that the danger of this storm is not over,” Mayor Menino said. “Please take care and use caution when cleaning up and getting back out on the streets. Our hearts go out to that family and their friends who are learning of this tremendously sad accident.”

Mayor Menino reminds residents of the following:

  • Carbon Monoxide is a serious concern during and after a storm

o   When clearing motor vehicles, remove snow around the muffler/exhaust system before starting the car.

o   Be sure to remove snow surrounding any external vents to your home.

o   DO NOT use generators indoors, in garages, or in any other location where the exhaust gases may enter your home.

o   Do not use your oven as a heat source

  • Use flashlights instead of candles. If you do use candles, make sure they are used safety and kept away from anything flammable.
  • The City’s Shelter Commission asks that any resident who sees a potential medical emergency involving a homeless person dial 911.
  • Do not throw snow back into the street. “Throwbacks” force the city to remove snow from the same street twice.
  • Shovel out fire hydrants, catch basins and pedestrian ramps close to your home.
  • Property owners are reminded to shovel snow from sidewalks that abut their homes and businesses and any handicapped ramps close to your homes or business.
  • Please check on elderly neighbors and others in need.
  • For additional snow and cold weather safety tips, please visit www.cityofboston.gov/snow

The Mayor’s Hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Residents with storm-related questions or concerns should call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500. The hotline has staff on hand to field any possible increase in calls due to the storm.

The Commonwealth’s travel restriction is set to end at 4 p.m., but a City of Boston Snow Emergency and Parking Ban remain in effect.

To clarify: Public Works crews and contractors are out in full force and will be out tonight and through the overnight to work on clearing side streets.

Snow Emergency

While a snow emergency is in effect, parking is prohibited on all major arteries in Boston. Mayor Menino urges everyone to use public transportation when traveling. Residents are reminded to remain at home throughout the duration of this snow event and businesses tomorrow should consider asking employees to work from home.

  • During a Snow Emergency, parking is prohibited on all major arteries in Boston. These streets are posted with “Tow Zone – No Parking During Snow Emergency” signs.
  • A listing of major arteries and alternate parking can be found at http://www.cityofboston.gov/snow/parking/.
  • On streets other than major arteries, do not park within 20 feet of an intersection or further than one foot from the curb, as this impedes access for both emergency vehicles and snow plows.
  • Parking space savers must be removed no more than 48 hours after a snow emergency is lifted. The City’s Department of Public Works will remove space savers left out beyond this period.

During declared snow emergencies, discounted parking is available at several parking lots and garages to cars that display Boston resident parking stickers.  Residents are encouraged to use the City’s “Know Snow” program for access to other important storm-related information. For more information, visit http://cityofboston.gov/snow

To receive notifications about emergencies from the City, register for the Alert Boston network at http://www.cityofboston.gov/alertboston/.  You can also follow @NotifyBoston on Twitter.


*Note: A previous version of this post said the MBTA service will resume on Sunday. This has not been confirmed. The MBTA’s official statement is that it will stay shut through Saturday with a goal of resuming service for the Monday morning commute. There is no word yet on service for Sunday.

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