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North End Chamber of Commerce Helps Clear Snow From North End Streets After Blizzard

The North End Chamber of Commerce was out early on Saturday morning to help clear the streets so that businesses could reopen and residents could start to drive again. NECC Chairman Frank DePasquale was also out in a pickup truck with a snow plow helping to clear the North End streets.

6 Replies to “North End Chamber of Commerce Helps Clear Snow From North End Streets After Blizzard

  1. If they cleaned Hanover then this story is a bunch of crap. Hanover was the only street that was plowed durning the storm. All the other streets were forgoten about. I thought about pulling my fire alarm just to laugh and cry while watching the fire trucks that couldent get up my (Salem) Street. Imagin if there was a real fire? Please name the streets other than Hanover that were plowed by the chamber of commerce.

  2. Snow plows can’t make it through many NE streets and there is nowhere to put the snow. Just because the chamber may have cleared some streets doesn’t relieve the city of its job from clearing all the public streets.

  3. It was great to feel the activity yesterday on Hanover after feeling stuck inside. Thank you for any efforts the chamber of commerce made, since thy clearly had no obligations other than business owners clearing the sidewalks in front of individual stores.

  4. I think it is wonderful that the Chamber of Commerce
    became active during this trying time in the Neighborhood,
    but Saturday Nite is the Biggest Money Making Night of
    the Week in the Restaurant Business, and why wouldn’t
    any Restaurant Owner want to bring in business,
    especially when they are taking in anywhere from
    $20,000 – $50,000 on Sat. Nights.

    Also, please remember besides making Big Money on
    Saturday Nights, this is also a Tax Right Off.

    I think all the Restaurants should do what downtown
    crossing did, heat the sidewalks, an expensive ordeal,
    which pays off and is also a Tax Right Off.

    One Restaurant Owner heated his driveway, and I think
    it was a Smart Move, you save alot of Money on
    Shoveling and it is less Money the City has to spend
    on Snow Removal.

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