City Prepares for Another Weekend Snow Storm

Here we go again … the latest weekend snow storm release from City Hall. Update: Snow totals have been reduced since this release went out.

Boston Storm Center to Open Saturday

Heavy, Wet Snow Expected

Mayor Menino is reminding residents to be aware this weekend as another weekend winter weather event approaches the City.

Boston could see 4-8 inches of snow late Saturday into Sunday morning. The heaviest snowfall is expected between 4 and 11 a.m. Sunday, and the snow totals could vary significantly across different neighborhoods, according to the National Weather Service. The forecast remains fluid, however. High winds and gusts are also possible.

This morning, Mayor Menino met with members of the Mayor’s Snow Team to discuss the latest storm related information and preparation plans for the weekend. The Mayor and his team will continue to monitor the latest weather reports throughout the event.

“Boston will be ready for its third consecutive weekend storm,” Mayor Menino said. “We will be out treating the roads before the snow, and our plows are ready to hit the streets this weekend. As usual, I’m asking residents to use common sense, and stay off the roads while snowfall is heaviest tomorrow.”

Parks Department crews will be out trimming trees in advance of the storm. Boston Public Works crews will be pre-treating roads and readying snow removal equipment across the city’s district yards. Residents with weather-related questions or concerns should call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500, or contact us via Twitter using @NotifyBoston. Residents should also visit for latest updates and to submit requests and find information online.

Mayor Menino also reminds residents of the following:

· Older residents or those with health conditions should refrain from shoveling this heavy wet snow.

· Do not throw snow back into the street. “Throwbacks” force the city to remove snow from the same street twice.

· Shovel out fire hydrants, catch basins and pedestrian ramps close to your home.

· Property owners are reminded to shovel snow from sidewalks that abut their homes and businesses and any handicapped ramps close to your homes or business.

· Do not double-park.

· Please check on elderly neighbors and others in need.

· For additional snow and cold weather safety tips, please visit

The City’s Shelter Commission asks that any resident who sees a potential medical emergency involving a homeless person dial 911.

To receive notifications about emergencies from the City, register for the Alert Boston network at You can also follow @NotifyBoston on Twitter.


2 Replies to “City Prepares for Another Weekend Snow Storm

  1. Greetings from LI. Sorry to hear of another storm in Boston. Fortunately it is on a Sun. when most people are home. Keep warm.

  2. Thank you so much Mayor for picking up the snow.

    Please continue to pick it up and melt all the snow in
    these trucks that liquify and release it in the sewers.

    After all, the North End has alot of Tourism and we
    don’t want our Visitors falling and getting hurt on our
    streets, it is very bad for Business, not to mention
    what it is doing to our Poor Residents.

    God Bless you, keep up the Good Work.

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